Apr 23, 2008


okay so better write this exam thing in a new post..stay away from DOOMed lol! Hubungan Etnik test was..quite ok la i suppose..went in to the exam hall and sat down..only den the fella beside me told me:"hey brother, this few rows are for those who are resiting this paper, but i see your clever/lengchai/dumb face so should not be sitting here wan la..new student?" haha words in this colour are being tokok tambahED xD
so had to go another room since the room i 1st entered was full...sat near man chun and vincent-johnson-dono-wat-son-tan-chow-soon-kit and behind shengko...
during the exam ho....keep got the urge to go toilet...mayb drink too much water before that and the room was COLD~~~ have to tahan till the exam finish oni can go -.-" so after come out straight rush to toilet wakakakka...
hopefully the other subjects also around this level of difficulty la haha..or perhaps hopefully they are around this level of my understanding for the subject xD
*just added the MP3 player!*

Biiang's quadruple quintruple sextruple heptrugle to dono how many DOOOM!!!!!

haihzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...long speech short say....jz got a feeling of getting DOOMED by Lucifer the doom bringer lol
last week computer went malfunction..and basicly i am responsible for the break down cz i go change the power supply thingy and made the whole thing burnt..as in the fuse burnt la..den after changing into a new power supply,den very excited d wana try the new graphic card i jz bought...but after i plug in everything that was supposed to be there..i realised something wrong with my house phone...it went silent as in no sound was coming out when u pick up the receiver...

Dad had to called 100 from his office to ask them wth was wrong..and they told him"okok kami akan fix sir punya problem in twenty four hours!"and i was like..ok la not bad..hopefully by next morning the latest i can play games d!!and 3 days passed since then...and during the 72 hours...there was no obvious changes to my house phone..still no sound -.-
the ppl there told my dad that something or some cables went wrong at their side...and it took them 3 days just to fix the thing..........and i was left 3 days without internet lol...and 3 days without internet was like hell...(because literally there's no TV in my house)

It's kind of torturing when your facing your semester exam but u just couldn't concentrate!!though u know that u should lol...so 1 week of study leave was welllll wasted by playing games, sleeping, eating, procrastinating, and reading novels which were read at the wrong times...but somehow when facing the novels i can concentrate o haha...page afta page...but when it comes to reading academic books...ah..really felt like sleeping -.-"

and there came another doom... just in the morning right before taking my first examination in college...after fetching miow...BANG...a motorcycle crashed into my car's side part...bringing down one of the side mirror in the process...(and then he said proudly "enemy down")..haihz...it would not happen if i put signal before i make the u turn...but the road usually don have a lot of cars passing by wan ma...in short...jz be really careful when u ppl are driving or those who are driving in the future la..and the one driving VIOS also haha!! xP
and to mr. shengko...do not try your nascar skills anymore ...seriously..at least not on the road...though wat happened to me is a relatively small case, but den..haih..really scary le..u wont wana experience it...

anyway, disheng drove us to college yesterday...since my car's side mirror was gone..and i really wasn't in the mood of driving anymore..T.T
after came back from college his mum brought me to a mechanic to fix the side mirror so that i could drive back to my home safely...thx auntie!!!!! =) and thx disheng also la for driving there =)
dat's all for this stupid doom post...dowana post so much here if not the "doomness" got spread throughout the blog xD

Apr 17, 2008

Last Thursday (10/4/08)
Accounting night...wore like how we wore on graduation day to college..cz too lazy to bring another set of clothes there to change..
The theme for Accounting night was "Isthmus" = staying connected(at least for that night)..that was what the head of dono wat told us in her speech...and i did connect to few frens there a.k.a. miow song disheng xD the ticket cost us Rm15 each and i would say abit wasted if they didn't give us the bag of "things"...really chapalang punya things inside that bag..got vouchers,notebook,magazine,pen,wash face de,and even gel -.-" etc. otherwise really /gg...and i kept yawning for no reason the whole night...mayb that's the effect of going school in the morning and storming in the late afternoon before attending a function like this -.-"

Last Friday (11/4/08)
Reached TARC around 10.45 and while on the way to lecture hall, i took the basketball from disheng and told them i jz wana shoot once....but u know la..once cannot go in, den i wana go for second..and there i went for third forth fifth sixth..........till dono how many times (u know la lousy ppl cannot shoot so precisely wan ma xD) haihz ended up we were still at basketball court at 11.40 and the lecture starts at 11 -.-" don blame me ar!! i wasn't the only 1 shooting..hehe..and song sat there and chatted quite long with his "new-known-gf" maybe he wrote something bout her in his blog..and u can check it out here xD
anyway..felt guilty for not going the BITA lecture le...T.T

Saturday (12/4/08)
Someone came my house early in the morning and disturbed my 16-hour sleep -.-' ...when it was time to leave for PC fair at KLCC in the afternoon, i realized there wasn't any1 to help me to close the door!!!i mean, the controller of the automatic gate was not with me!!so i had to open the gate using the "built-in" controller in my house..u know la built-in wan cannot be removed ma,otherwise i would have taken the controller xD wasted quite a lot of time there...in the end, made yee hoo waited for 1 hour.....SORRY YEE HOO
The PC fair was very the damn crowded lo..............luckilly i didn't go early in the morning like wat miow and song did...maklumlah mereka ada target/tujuan masing-masing lol!XD
squeezed around with yee hoo and disheng...and ho..we saw a promoter there...wah liao....she ah...she ah.....she's pretty!serious shit i tell u!!this time really serious shit!!haha!!pretty in the sense of...pretty la haha! not like sexy or wat..ppl wearing jeans and t-shirt only le...but her appearence is just....argh!!dono how to describe xD
lol talked too much bout that promoter d...we did stop and listen to her la..ppl promoting/working ma hehe xD but ho..so weird leh...when she was talking to yee hoo and i ho..HOW COME NO BODY PUSH OR SQUUEZE US WAN!!!!lol jkjk!! xP listen to her until almost forgot to search for graphic card...yup i went there hoping to buy a cheap graphic card(at least can solve the lagging problem while playing game) but then ho...too bad..got 2 types of graphic card wan wo...so no choice lo have to go home with tangan kosong T.T
met up with song,captain jack(he prefers to be known as captain jack) and sabrina later on..swee ann told me they had a private talk lol?
haha again, u can always refer to song's blog in case he reveals anything about their private talk xD
and i saw yee hoo's written bout the promoter too kaka!!

reached home around 9.30 pm and got scolded by mum !@#$%&^*(
ohya we met kahernie's sister there!!haha!! we had yeehoo to strategize for us as in how to "cut" here and there to "finally" walk up to where kah yen was...though we fail at last and it was her who walked pass us then we faster say hi lo..hehe nonit squeeze through ppl anymore ma xD
oi kahernie ah...see ur sis so hardworking lo...don always stay in ur room and keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep facing the book la xP

Boring day..no games + no TV = boring lyke wth
luckily borrowed a harry potter spell book from school library...it teaches those spells in harry potter series!wakaakakakak!!!anyone wants it?!!??! so almost finished the 1st book in 2-3 days...a big achievement for me leh xD

okay dat's all for now..very tired wana go sleep d..bb!

Apr 9, 2008

Holy Shyet!?!?!!

Today, 9/4/08 is really a memorable day!
First of all,today is andy's and miow's brother's birthday!HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!haha =)
andy said today is his bro's bday,then miow sat up straight and said"today also my bro's birthday wo!" 2 so t*t's bro were born on the same day leh haha!jkjk!! xP

Second of all, we BEAT chew and friends in DOTA muwahahahhaha!!!did not expect ourselves to be able to actually win the game...at least not so fast since my 3 'apprentices' just started to play recently XD haha anyway we did it!!yeah!
Our heroes are as follow :
Drow Ranger (top/main/fulltime killer) << me obviously xD
Demon Witch (top/main/fulltime stunner/hexer) << andy
Keeper of The Light (first blood ppl) << disheng
Lord of Olympia (top/main/fulltime dono-doing-wat) << miow

Okay speaking of those "apprentices":
Demon Witch..learning the tricks quite fast...and can cooperate well already...thumbs up!!^^ use the hero few more times then u'll be more familiar with his attacks/spells.
Keeper of The Light....erm..not bad(today only)haha!got first blood and a few kills u know! GD! haha jkjk!
Lord of Olympia ar..quite ok also la...but sometimes abit too...too scared to go up front and fight with enemy heroes...and sometimes dont follow instructions also! BC! xP

Thirdly, today is the first time i bought something from the stationery shop keke!
Fourthly, my brother din go skul today cz fell sick..
Finally, the like-to-sleep-blur-chimpanzee his favourite-disciple-always TB-MDJB disheng still dowan update!! @#$%^&*()_


Apr 3, 2008

Tagged by yeejie,songher,miow,mei mei and yee hoo (sorry for the delay in doing this tag)

Instructions : Remove 1 question from below, and add in your personal question, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged.

1. At what age do you wish to marry?
no idea -.-' when the time comes gua..

2. If you have the chance, what would you probably say to your beloved one?
i love you?

3. If you were to be stranded on a desert island, who are the 3 blog buddies you would take with you?
Erm..hoijin buddies! INCLUDING THE SEI DISHENG WHO DOESNT WANA UPDATE (he says doing these tags very wasting time wo...but since ppl tag u den should do ma if not next time ppl dowana tag u liao -.-" )

4. Where is the place that you want to go the most?
A place where the time can be stopped whenever i want muwahahahahahah!!

5. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
I hope that i can turn back the time...although have to repeat PMR/SPM la xD

6. Do you believe you can survive without money?
Definitely no...

7. What are you afraid to lose the most?

8. If you win $1 million, what would you do?
Pray that i would win another million lol...

9. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
If i get the chance den JUST DO IT lo..XD

10. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
Yee Jie - smart, willing to help, responsible
Songher - smart, tall, good in dota, non (disheng's opinion)
Miow - good in kao lui, helpful (if you are a girl la), honest
Mei Mei - hao ren(disheng's opinion), polite, kind
Yee Hoo - friendly, kind, sometimes abit emo haha

11. What are the requirements that you wish from your other half?
loyal, have trust in me, friendly, cute-looking XD

12. Which type of person do you hate the most?

13. What is your ambition?
be like ronaldo lo..年轻有为 (it means have good achievements though is still young) lol

14. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
money? ya i'm money minded xP

15. If you are to die one day, who you wish to spend the last day with?
my bunch of frens...

16. If you have a chance, which part of your character would you like to change?
my dumbness !@#$%^&*()_P

17. Who is the person that you can share all your problems with?
It was her last time......

18. What is/are ur trademark(s)??

19. Honestly, do you think life is fair?
don really know...yet...but i think GOD is fair la..who say unfair song?

20. Do u think friendship is important in your life?? (miow's question)

I'm not adding any question hehe...
I tag :
Miow XD
Yee Hoo
Yee Jie
Swee Ann
Shakey shas

most of them already got tagged liao de -.-"
gtg now...when free den wana try link ppl
Stay tuned!! XD