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Apr 24, 2009

Okay well I've got nothing special to blog these days so maybe I'll do one out of a few tags I got from a friend of mine. (can use ur Opening paragraph rite? haha!)

1. The person who tagged you?
Kah Ern

2. Your relationship with him/her is?
Secondary school fren

3. Your impressions of him/her?
erm....she's funny!!haha i mean u always see her laughing hehe..

4. The most memorable thing he/she had done for you
er.....making birthday card for me?xD

5. The most memorable thing he/she had said to you
PI REN!!!haha!

6. If he/she becomes your lover you will
if ah..happen d only see ler... xD

7. If he/she becomes your lover,things he/she has to improve on
don have to improve anything is bao rong!!haha!u accept watever the good and bad things of ur lover..

8. If he/she becomes your enemy,you will
keep on calling her pi ren...

9. If he/she becomes your enemy,the reason will be
keep on calling me PI REN gua..hahahahah!!!

10. The most desired thing you want to do for him/her now
no idea...

11. Your overall impression of him/her is
cute and funny!! :P

12. How do you think people around you will feel about you?
no idea leh...check out their answers on this tag den will know..

13. The characters you love of yourself are
easy going?happy go lucky?haha quoted from my class rep xD

14. On the contrary,the characters that you hate about yourself
being LAZY

15. The most ideal person you want to be is
christiano ronaldo?haha out of the question d..

16. For people who care and love you,you say something to them
thank you and i love u!!!! =)

17. Pass this test to 10 persons who you wished to know how they feel about you-

1- Kah ern -xD
3- Siaw Wei -
4- Vincent -
5- Ru Jin -
6- Disheng!! -
7- Swee Ann -
8- Miow-
9- Shu Pin - (tell u wat...his last post is about chinese new yr xD)
10-Man Chun -
11- Yee Hoo- no wonder i had the feeling like i missed out someone =)
12 - Kwan Kit no wonder i had the feeling like i missed out someone =)
13 YOU

18. Who is no.6?
A guy who loves basketball and his dream is to become jordan!!

19. Is no.9 a male or female?

20. If no.7 and no.10 together,is that a good thing?
Man Chun and Swee Ann?Undoubtedly definitely surely absolutely good thing...the best thing u can have in our class xD

21. What is no.2 studying about?
Accountancy gua...i not sure o..only know that we are in the same course..haha! eh we studying wat ar?

22. When is the last time you had a chat with no.3?
last time lo..through msn i think before she went back to australia?

23. What kind of music band does no.8 like?
erm..i think he likes quite alot!

24. Does no. 1 have any siblings?

25. Will you woo no.3?
wat's woo?? kao? haha wont gua later her bf woo me back >.<

26. How about no.7?
oso canot kao la..later the malacca dai lou whack me xD

27. Is no.4 single?

28. What is the surname of no.5?

29. What is the hobby of no.10?
play dota i think? haha he said that anything i don understand bout dota can ask him!!

30. Does no.5 and 9 get along well?
yes gua..but 5 said she forgot whether 9 was her primary classmate xP

31. Where is no.2 studying at?
tar college...? i oso not sure wat's the name of the college we've been attending since last yr xD

32. Talk something casually about no.1
one of the best person u can find...haha welcome!!

33. Have you tried developing feelings for no.6?
oh yes dammit!! but i think that scared him away from our college xP

34. Where does no.9 live at?
swimming pool!!

35. What colour does no.4 like?
he ar....let me guess....teal??

36. Are no.5 and 1 best friends?
erm...sure haha..

37. Is no.7 the sexiest person in the world?
think i'll leave this question for no. 10 to answer keke!

38. What is no.6 doing now?
hmmmm....sleeping? or just wake up and having his BRANCH!xD

ok so u, u and you go do the tag now!!!haha!

*holiday mode turned on* xD
*when wana luk ling and cheong k??????

Apr 22, 2009



The game between the two losers to Chelsea.

Arshavin..not's 4! Dumbstruck..honestly.
Hehe..Miow...dun say Arsenal no chance ar...although they cannot be UCL & FA Cup winners like what Biiang said earlier..budden the real team that's out of everything seems like Liverpool(especially after the 4-4- draw)..hehe

Budden I have to's definitely the MOST exciting match in the EPL this season. Of course unless with the remaining 5 odd games something as spectacular as such a game can be produced la.

Apr 17, 2009


Chelsea v Arsenal --------------- Chelsea
MU v Everton -------------------- MU

(image MU play Chelsea in two

Apr 14, 2009


Bayern Munich vs Barcelona ---------- Barcelona
Chelsea vs Liverpool ------------------ Chelsea

Arsenal vs Villarreal ------------------ Arsenal
Porto vs MU ------------------------- MU

To qualify to SF:



Apr 12, 2009

Greatest come back! xD

Yo mehsi??!?! i'm back!!greatest come back since sushi king treat ><"
the past few weeks had been hectic, with assignment submission deadline, coursework tests and replacement classes.

The summary: Last week: Ching ming + coursework tests + assignments

Last last week:

Accounting society development camp

Last last last week:
forget d xD

one funny thing I'd like to share:
there was one morning where i was on the way to college, den this ONE FM got ppl called in for some quiz thingy
The DJs : "What country will be hosting the 2012 World Cup?"
The girl : "er...Arsenal!"

next question:
The DJs : "Who is the president of France?"
The girl : "errrrr....(this time er longer)...Obama!" (she was laughing when she said this!)

-.-" so speechless leh..although i oso dono the name of the president of France >.< but at least wont say obama ma rite...say oso say her name la lol

p/s : dono why just cant paste the personality test results #@%$#^&%*&^(* stupid blogspot!!!xD

Apr 9, 2009

some random test


Say you live in a village near a hill. On top of the hill there's a nunnery. One day, there's a power outage at the nunnery. The head nun called you (say, you're the electric man) and said this

"No light, send men"


Think of a short reply that has DUAL meaning. Something VERY innocent while not very innocent.

happy thinking :)

Apr 7, 2009

siapa boleh menang QF 1st leg?

1 MU v Porto ----- shengzhais recommend MU
2 Villareal v Arsenal ----- shengzhais recommend Arsenal

3 Liverpool v Chelsea ----- shengzhais recommend Liverpool
4 Barcelona v Bayern Munich ----- shengzhais recommend Barcelona

sila bagi komen..hehe