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Aug 4, 2012



An outside case...王晓理被李永波逼到哭

Aug 2, 2012

The best solution:

Withdraw from some crap Olympics (crap coz squash should be an Olympics sport, then we would have won a gold long ago). If not because of years of lobbying from a Hong Kong tycoon, Timothy Fok Tsun-ting that has spent hundreds of millions, this sport wouldn't have become an Olympics sport. What's so great about the Olympics? It's just a money making machine for the cronies of the council. Just like World Cup, Sepp Blatter made I don't know how many millions in one WC.

For example, in the sport of athletics or swimming, who cares who won gold??? The one people care about is who's the fastest man on earth, and that's the world record holder. Even if you're a gold medalist, you're not the WR holder, you're still not the best. Nowadays a woman can swim faster than a man, who cares if you're the fastest man in the pool??? People only think about who's the fastest human in the pool. BWF can conduct their own World Championships every 4 years once instead of an annual event. It's as prestigious as the Olympics also what? Who cares if you don't win Olympics medals, it's the WC that's the ultimate prize IF badminton quit the crap Olympics and conduct their own WC quadrennially.

Last but not least, you can't kick manipulation out even by using KO. What if you meet your compatriot in the semis??? Remember Zhou Mi vs Zhang Ning, Athens 2004??? It's not the players' fault. It's the chief's fault. Thay just receive orders. Do you think they can go against Li Yongbo?? Hah!!!

To kick manipulation out, there's only one way. BWF should fine Li Yongbo and the likes personally for say...US$5 million each time he tries to rig a game??? And use the money to develop the game of badmintion or donate it to a charity.