Sep 23, 2010

stal*ing job

This pic is taken from FB haha! have to give credit or footnote or reference if not my marks will be deducted lol! so introducing the guy on the left, he friend...and the girl on the right is....his girlfren hahahahah!!

Sep 21, 2010

I wonder why but...i always have weird dreams...too much stress perhaps? but again i wonder where does the stress come from since im having holidays now lol...over-excited perhaps =X

Lazy to describe the dream d but the part i liked the most was..i saw a leng lui there wakkakaka! almost perfect face and she smiled to me omg! could u believe that? LOL!

Just came back from "no-man's island" yesterday...not much of activities there but can be considered a small gathering hehe^^
besides that i got to see shu pin's girl fren in real last week when we went to time square haha!
u feel happy from the bottom of ur heart when u see ur close buddy found his love! =]

If i were given the choice, i would surely choose to swap position with my younger bro..even tho that means i've to resit my pmr and spm hahahahah!just some random thoughts xP

...and i wonder if I ever cross your mind~
seriously, i wonder..

Sep 7, 2010

Sometimes, life is just so fullll of seems like something just has to be in between you and wat you wana get...watever it might be..anyhow, i think He had created this world so perfectly that every happening has it purpose to doesn't happen just for fun! bearing this in mind, i try my best to figure out wat's the purpose that the Lord allow anything that fall upon me..
In the end, it'll just make us a better person..there's a chinese proverb that goes "天将降大任于斯人也,必先苦其心志,劳其筋骨,饿其体肤” and i think this proverb is so correct...cuz nothing comes in free without any effort from us...

I'll always remember this -- We are in the process of dying once we are born, the only thing that differentiate us is how do we make this process as remarkable as possible =]