Dec 31, 2009

再见2009 年!!

‘09年对我来说没什么特别特别,但也总算还过得可以吧。。只是这年比较懒惰update 部落格而已哈哈! xD
30/12 书斌的生日:干!


也许。。"对不起谢谢" 是我应该说的吧。。。


Dec 2, 2009

cannot la "ppl" start saying happy mooncake festival to me d...dono how many months ago since my last post haha!!again, coursework tests and 'projects' were drowning me xD

Met Mr Kenny Liew today and tumpang him back haha...welcome!! :P
(he still laugh the same way and CRAP ALOT!!)
so sien lerrrrr....everyday go college, lecture, 2hours break, tutorials, dota, go home, sleep.
next day repeat the same thinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg cb...even dota also keep winning haihz....welcome haha!
and before u realize, coursework test is just next week and u have to studyyyyyyyyyy liaooooo.....
must post something before christmas if not after mooncake festival den christmas d xD

Nov 22, 2009

cunning old fox

I don't understand why everyone is talking about how he missed out on becoming the most complete player ever. Yes..yes..yes...I know he's won everything there is to be won in football. But I can't see him being a Robbie Fowler...just can't!

If you say Robbie with all those silverware under his name, miss out the chance of being the most complete player by handling that ball and be proud of it..then can say la..what a waste of chance on being the most complete player EVER!!!

I'll say Thierry Henry IS complete. He's the MOST COMPLETE PLAYER in every sense of cheating. (I still remember that quick free-kick you took, cunning old fox!)

And suprisingly...he's consoling Ireland and Aston Villa player Richard Dunne..

Like what Cantona said..he won't last 3 seconds if I'm Irish.

FIFA = Fair If Financially Advantageous (Fair Play my foot!)

Oct 3, 2009

Happy Mooncake Festival~

Happy mooncake festival peeps ^.^

Hehe...yesterday's dinner was very "grand" haha! Normally mum will cook like 3 dishes for dinner but last night got around like 6 dishes wakakaka!! got chicken and duck, vegetables, soup and yong-taufu *saliva dripping* eat until almost cannot move xD
but my youngest brother said he was like eating chicken rice only cz he doesn't like to eat duck lol!
-.-" dai sei who ask him so picky in eating.

There's a proverb linked with mooncake festival which means something like when the moon is round(the moon is round on this day), family members also gatther together. lol bad translation xD anyway, i listened to mum's advice and stayed at home yesterday instead of going to play badminton. i-dono-larh but as i grow, i seem like looking forward to be in touch with my family more. Perhaps this is due to the fact that i didn't really have time to have a proper dinner with my family since i started to work at night T.T Therefore, appreciate ur moments with ur family and don complain that ur parents are very annoying haha! u know who i am referring to if ur reading this!

Anyway, the tuition job really taught me a lot of things. One of the most significant lesson is that money isn't easy to be earned, really. Try working and u'll know what i mean :D One of the student brought candles into the class and told me that 2 packs of candles won't be enough for him tonight swt...

Okay enough of working stuff. I just realized that I've visited Neway thrice within 3 weeks, what a loyal customer I am! -.-" The second time was an unpredicted one and 3 ppl ended up in the karaoke room.

Hmmm, did a quiz in fb quite some time ago but i quite agree with its answer. It says "the one u love the most usually isn't ur lover" Fuiyoh pinpoint accuracy and inch perfect description lol! I think it's quite true, at least for me xD ask urself whether this applies to u or not. When i say ask urself, i mean ask ur real self, close ur eyes and see who's image do u see first haha! OK, so this is a test, after u finish doing the test mentioned above, type the name of the person u see in the cbox ya wakakakakkak!! lol >.<"

Classes in college are gonna resume tomorrow T.T still very lazy lerrrrrrrrrr.....still feel like zzzzzzzzzzzz lerrrrrrrrrrrrr...........wish me luck in my final semester kay :D
Goodluck Biiang!

Oct 1, 2009


"fast is good, like that only can quickly erase the pain of not ......."

recently one of my friends told me this...and perhaps he's correct.
the fast in the sentence is meant for doing something else fast, instead of delaying it..
yeayea i think he's got his point there lol

i dono larh...but sometimes this fren of mine is capable of saying something quite useful and make sense...and i dono larh i feel comfortable hanging out with him...
i dono larh but another fren of mine is just too different from us
and fren C pula tend to be very busy all the time
fren D pula got some problem with his head lol!

and i dono larh what am i writing...

saw this line in a tv drama and i dono larh i like it very much and have made it my principle in life:

I think the meaning is obvious from the words but anyhow, here's what it means...
it means don be afraid to lose when we are trying to achieve something or being challenged to something...just go on and do it if u want and u feel like doing it. However in the process of achieving that something, the objective should be achieved through way..i mean..we must win it in a correct way, instead of through cheats, collusion(learnt from Auditing xD), or foul play or watever.

so that we will 问心无愧 and not 于心有愧 like eason chan xDxD

i dono larh mayb cz its holiday now so crapping a lot...till then..see ya =)

Lots of love

You're so cute, adorable and yet so naughty...
i miss u whenever i think about was ur bday 3 days back and although i couldn't be by ur side to celebrate this lovely moment with heart will always be with u! (and i sms-ed ur mum to wish u for me xD)


yea though i couldn't see how u reacted after everyone sang bday song for u, i can imagine how ur chubby cute little face looked like ^.^
so again...happy birthday ah Bee!! haha! i know u still cant read but nvm hehe!
so meet ah By! (Baby's "by" i think >.<)

made by my cousin to eat the orange like this xD

Sep 3, 2009

Aug 24, 2009

i guess i'll be abandoning this site for another few weeks as 5th Semester exam is approaching in 2 weeks' time T.T
so..see ya! xD i think it should be fine la.. no much ppl visit anyway :D
lastly...imagine ur in facebook.
Biiang Sheng Lim : is eager to see "events" that are coming up :D pls act me a good show.

Aug 18, 2009

OMG looks like i'd abandoned the blog for about one month and 7 days -.-"was too busy with college stuff and all...though saturdays and sundays should be the time where i update but basically every weekend also got things to do since shupin home's trip !!! haha xD

so here's the summary :P
11/7/09 overnight at shu pin's house

okay he forced me to pose like that ( see he so happy -.-")

den 19/7 suprise party at rujin's house
wanted to do my PA assign
ment that night
wan ler
Ms. Kah Ern really gave me a suprise by calling me last minute..
while i was watching E.U xD

Ohya watching drama is also part of the reason for abandoning here so long >.<"

den next weekend 25/7 Jason's birthday party pulak h
it was also CIMA "Origami Space-ship cannot fly" Game so we attended that game in the morning and after that went for his party :p

ok so the next weekend (1/8) i forgot wat i did d lol! think i was doing assignments gua..

8/8 went to yee jie's open house / farewell party hehe...met quite some secondary school frens there which we have not seen them for long time like songher disheng and shu pin xDXDXDXD ok i mean han lian ernest ken jamie may chong nellie and of cuz yee jie!!

sing K session haihz..............nowadays always sing K or dk O...
few days back it was a record-breaking dk O session -.-" i feel embarassed to say it here T.T
that's how the title came into my mind ~.~

Aug 14, 2009


I don't know how to put in words. But if you happen to watch her'll understand why she's Lin Dan's female equivalent. But she's still years to perfect her mature yet. But I believe she will be the next big thing (not so soon la..).

Jul 11, 2009

To Wing Ho, Kah Jun and Wooi Liang:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!hehe..if i'm not mistaken all of you guys are 19 d! haha time flies...T.T

hehe..updating this at shu pin's house...i think this is the only time available for me to update...although don really have anything to post about..
feeling bored...lolx...haihz...dono how to express myself here..speechless la perhaps i can call it...and some cb just don feel like talking to them...haha.. and dono y some cb is/are so f-kiiiiiiing busy-body..take care of urself 1st la sorry to say...

will try to update some pics from shu pin's house when i got it from KK..btw, his house is nice!decorated decently hehe =) thx for inviting us to go stay overnite!

next saturday going to a japanese event with my class rep from japan haha xD
next next saturday have to go back college for coursework in the morning, after that mayb celebrating one of our fren's birthday..another saturday gone..
in between that going to have a class gathering on 20th...all of these are sandwiched in tuitions from monday to friday nights T.T

*stop ur fking arse stupid attitude pls..i beg u..

Jul 2, 2009

Trans-formers 2

Had this small outing at leisure mall on tuesday to catch the movie Transformers 2 since miow was so eager to watch...anyway the movie was great...
wah tell u wat...the cars in the movie are NICE!! damn sporty and sexy...i'm gonna buy them and wait for U, U and U outside ur house!!!!!
hehe..4 guys went only and the next day mrlongmc was asking y din ajak him -.-" (purposely wan!)
den got one ZLD went watch the same show in pavillion wakakkaka...RM12 for one ticket compared to rm 6 at Leisure mall...xD
now u know why he is entitled mr ZLD!!!!

okay finish the serious thing.... i lost my pencilcase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
T.T anyone finds a black pencilcase with no words or pictures outside please return it to me T.T

haihz....sad case...
but one thing, my at-least-5-years'-history mechanical pensil is still with me...
just on the day before my pencilcase went missing, i couldn't find that green mechanical pencil of mine..i even went around and ask my classmates whether did they take it accidentally cz i really like that pencil alot..although nowadays it cant "contribute" in examinations anymore >.<

Then, on that night where i was quite sure that i left my pensilcase somewhere in TAR College, setapak, KL, Msia, Earth, i found the cute little thing lying on my table...tears jumped out of my eyes uncontrollably because that was basically the only stationery i'm left with...

*sob* Think i'l have to buy new stationery again...T.T *sigh*
i miss u leh mr pencilcase........where the hell are u?!!??!?????!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?come out la please......
don transform into something and hide inside my bag........miss the days when we were together la mr pencilbox....if i'm given a chance now i'l surely hug u properly so that u wont leave me....and went missing!!

Jun 14, 2009

Some jokes from my sunday badminton session with uncleS...(my dad included) xD

Uncle E :" Boy, tell u a joke..?"
Biiang Sheng :" okay hehe...
Uncle E : One day, a father asked his son, dear, do u know what's the difference between
confident and confidential?
Son : Dono daddy..
Daddy : okay it's like are my son right...i HAVE confident in this..and u see that fren of yours?He is also my son, but that is confidential

so now u know what's the difference between that 2 words d?

Uncle E :" Hey, come la next time we go massage."
UNcle L :" massage? ( thinking....)
Uncle E :" yes c''s 正经 wan (means legal..not those yellow massage)
Uncle L :" huh 正经 wan ar? DOWAN! :P


really speechless la these uncles haha! but sometimes it's fun playing with them...when they miss a shot..they'l start cursing...and their cursing has got high and low pitch wan >.<"

Hmmm...type this last nite but din manage to finish it....
just something to loosen my tight that's a good way and perhaps a very good place to relax myself after dealing with so much of idiot.......problems..

Jun 12, 2009

finally gone
a little sad though
once a great player
now a junk @%#*^&#@!#@$#% an £80 million junk!!! >.<
unless he changes, if he keep his current attitude..he'll be another galatico junk

now...time to find a replacement
hope old Fergie can find one..though I'm not very confident in this guy now..

Jun 11, 2009

Omg omg it's 11th of June!! who's birthday ar??!?!?!haha!

This victor chew woke up 12 in the morning and went dota last night..he sure thinks that he is immune to all kind of spells and attacks on his birthday lol! =.="
ok back to serious business...i owe someone a post :P

So she's the payable haha! xD
hmmmm....wat to say about you ar....i think we knew each other since form 1 or 2 ho? cant remember clearly o...
but one thing i will never forget is that u taught me how to use icq haha!tq teacher! xD
haihz..a lot of my 1st time happen on u la...>.<"
1st time icq...
1st time sms...
1st time sleep at 2 lol...not "those" kind of 1st time..

Looking at the koop tie u wearing in the picture...i think i wont be wearing that grey tie if u were not in there la hahahah!! xD
and yes sure you are someone that i can share my problems with =) never regret knowing u this good girl friend...haha female friend xD
*u will find urself laughing all the time talking to her (or at least u can hear her laughing all the time -.-")
Ehy!! i wonder if u remember what was the song that u sent to me when i 1st knew about GPRS, not song its a mono ringtone hehe...

hope u get watever u wan for ur bday!
ops i mean...hope u shine in whatever u do in the future! ^.^
Okay la...!thats all for this yr! next yr only continue haha!!
on Terminator Salvation

"Guy dies, finds himself resurrected, meets others, fights. That lasts for almost two hours." -Roger Ebert (world-renowned film critic)

I'm not trying to 泼冷水 or anything but I have 同感 with Mr. Ebert.

Yes, true indeed, on the VFX it's good. But the core of a movie is not just on superficial stuffs. It's the story that's the most important.

I don't know how to explain but I just can't "feel" the film.

It's just my personal opinion though.

Jun 10, 2009


RB = Red Box Karaoke!
RB in pavillion is good,very good indeed..
besides giving us the customers fine services, wat's important is that they charge reasonable price, if not the most reasonable xD
i wonder whether all RB are the same..if it is so, then i think their competitors should do something...otherwise no body would choose to go timesquare for a singing session anymore >.<"
(u know which company i'm referring)

so, Jay Sern was a good singer..most of the guys who went were shocked following his stunning acts lol...and some even requested to sing solo so that they won't be out-shouted xD
didn't go any restaurant to have lunch since we had it in the RB...outlet?

Watched "The Terminator" and since i don't really know the real story behind skynet and CONNOR, cant comment too much on the movie..anyway the visual and sound effects were execellent if u watch this show in the cinema..>.<
p/s there were LOTS of connorS who actually dota-ed with us

p/s TQ shu pin for the ride! the next turn we go out i shall drive u haha!=)

Jun 1, 2009

Priceless and......"Audit-ness"

Our Pricipal of Audit's lecturer taught us one important phrase
In God we trust, the rest we Audit

lol...and basically that's the only thing i learnt from her lecture -.-"
so due to new semester, i didn't really have time to update (lame reason xD)
but this is the time when your "partner" comes in handy =)
so assuming you read few paragraphs in every 2 days, i think the post below this can last you for at week? haha! so...see the good of having a partner for blogging? xP

summary of last week :
Fabregas was injured!! so damn unlucky...was walking over to the other side of court and just so suddenly my knee was knocked on the stupid leg of the chair $#^%*^(+
almost couldn't walk straight on the spot lol...
and wat's more..thumb was injured oso..scratched it accidentally T.T

wondering who's fabregas?

May 29, 2009

Barcelona's lesson...priceless

Mastercard? What Mastercard? It's Barcelona's lesson that's priceless.

Okay..where should I start..alright..let's begin with the so-called "the clash of two pro-football giants" as oppose to Pep Guardiola's anti-football rant at Chelsea..please note that I 强调 the word GIANT.

It's undeniable that both are giants in football but are MU really capable of playing the so-called free-flowing/attacking/flair/sexy/beautiful game(Pele) football or whatever you want to call it? I don't think so.

You know, when I first saw everyone getting so exicited when they see MU vs Barcelona..the first thing that got to their minds must be: Wow..two attacking-mided giants are playing in a final..this must be the most ideal often do you get to see two teams testing each teams' keeper every five minutes or so...with all the sleek passes and all...the one-twos followed up by a thru-ball and some magic from the feet of Messi..OMG this has got to be once in a lifetime's a CRIME to miss it (honestly, i watched the game around the 60th min like that). Some people have also compared this final to a World Cup final..which of course I quite agree some are just plain boring. E.g. 2002 World Cup final game when Brazil defeated Germany 2-0.

I shake my head on the instance for I know deep down it's not true..many fans overestimated MU's capability of playing free-flowing football on normal ocassions-let alone when pressed (which is what happened).

If talking on the so-called sexy football alone..I say MU is no better than Arsenal deep down from my heart. Yes, Arsenal often have the so-called over-elaboration syndrome when they try to attack not so directly but they can contain their opponents by forming a triangle or whatever (which is what Barcelona did) and even recover from losing possessions very quickly.

And if you want to say entertainment-wise, yup..sometimes Arsenal's over-elaboration are plain boring but MU is no better..nowadays, watching MU attack is something like Arsenal + Chelsea style..even Liverpool players play with more enthusiasm (please don't take the final league match into account where the Jamie vs Alvaro bout broke out..that game is DEAD boring xD)..other than the stupid elbow for Carles Puyol (which gained him a booking) and that not so well-timed tackle on Puyol I don't see much enthusiasm in him (btw, it's normal..everyone knows he only knows how to sulk and F together with his mates-Nani+Anderson and nohting else)...we all know Puyol's theatrics..there's no need to even care how many flips he had when van der Sar clipped him when Edwin threw himself to retrieve the ball..but btw, he flipped like Edwin ***** his leg.

But hey, if I really want to say who's the best attacking/free-flowing/flair/beautiful game/sexy football team's obvious isn't it..Barca the artisan..

And if people don't agree..there are stats to back them up..just take a look at the number of goals they scored to win the La Liga..then look at the CHAMPION OF many have they put in this season to actually win the Premier League..again..even Liverpool has done a better job as a so-called attacking-minded team than MU.

ENG's champion vs ESP's champion..what a joke..Barca's like playing against schoolkids..oh sorry, comparing MU with schoolkids is an insult to schoolchildren..

When I read theSun (before the game, it's a build-up for it) line written Anderson have a big job to do to deny Iniesta..OMG.."who's Anderson" I said when I saw that..and no surprise, he's subbed half-way thru..oh, even funnier...Tevez was brought on..I've said it..and I've said it a thousand times..Tevez is but a bull that sometimes gets lucky and scores a few..he's not creative and keep on losing possessions...and fortunately..he's leaving..and good luck to Liverpool if they ever buy him... vs Messi..again..from the papers and all..

Ronaldo's lazy (Shu Pin summore defend him in Song's chatbox), never defend (same here), not as enthusiastic as he was before, shoots blank, no more fancy footwork, not creative, only knows how to bang ***** along with his portuguese-speaking mates aka Nani, Anderson and the co...maybe the da SILVAs have joined the fray too..

Would you please kindly leave and join your Real? But if it's me..if really must go Spain..I'd choose least tak payah kena hantam 99 from Barca..but with the current attitude of his..I'm afraid he'll disrupt the current brilliant style of football they're playing..if he ever goes there that is..

Usain Bolt's gotta teach him how to run and not fall down..which I believe is useless..what's the use of won't earn him any praise or penalties..

At least please refine your theatrics la..I think in the near future if 郭晶晶 and 田亮 aka 亮晶晶 (but too tycoon is preferred xD) ever visit Manchester like Usain Bolt..they'll have to teach him how to dive properly..

Messi's hardworking, he runs for the team, he passes for the team, he scores for the team, he's got fancy footwork that throws the opponent off balance, good looking, although petite but with a good centre of gravity..if he ever falls he's not diving..cuz majority european players are big and know la..Argentinians..just take a look at the national'll get the idea..he's being thrown around by their sheer size (I still remember quite well how Liverpool held them off in a champions league match..bullying those short*** and grab the ball from them), and finally, he's a team player and not as arrogant as the little sulk.

Okay..time to talk on THE GREAT SIR ALEX..his tactics ah..don't wan't to say la..can be seen by our naked eye from watching the match..and not by listening to lauya pundtis after the game... they only talk talk talk..I also can see for myself la...

His team leh..even he himself also admit there are dinosaurs in the team..the aging Scholes who can't tackle properly and some more want to do it with both legs which usually leads to a straight red..Giggs can run..but of course because of his's hard to find a replacement..
And then there's our CAPTAIN, GARY ALEXANDER "THE GREAT" NEVILLE which is quite great indeed..he plays..I believe no more than 20% of a season...and he's still captain..if it's me..I'd retained Phil than his older brother..and make either Giggs or Rio least Giggs played more than him.

Anderson's crap

Park's the same too..I know, I know..even if the Asian market is huge and you don't wanna lose out doesn't mean you need to buy Dong Fangzhuo and loan him out..just to have as much share as possible in the Asian market..even Arsenal bought a Japanese that can score..if I'm not mistaken he scored against you know who ah? Guess who..MU.

Carrick is just so-so..not really a Lampard

Oh ya..your team did you justice Fletcherkid..even if you weren't suspended it makes no difference..maybe worse that's all..and he's crap
O'Shea...I just don't understand why Sir Alex the Great can't buy Miguel Monteiro (Portuguese)...I think he's briliiant..we don't have any decent RB..Neville's "outdated" and old..injury prone..Wes Brown is unrealiable..Rafael..he's not the best ball controller..he keeps on losing possession...he's ball control is comparable to Gabby Heinze's..luckily he left wonder Real's defend is liddat la..not very solid edy..still wan buy this guy..I laughed away when I read on reports saying he's heading to Madrid..

Berbatov..I don't know what the British press and MU fans have some grudge on him or what..I think he's's his first season after all..and his neat footwork and ball control is me at least..I know, I know..he's got a £30m price-tag slapped on him..but it's not in his powers to say how much the price should be..his price-tag doesn't reflect the returns on such an investment many will say..but if you wanna blame I say blame the Tot-tot-ham-hotshi*..I thnk Berbatov is first-class player..and if people wanna blame him for underperforming, how about looking at the the time Sir Alex has given him on the pitch to play..he's always seen being on the bench with Tevez..

Nani's another asset that did not receive the plaudits he deserves..again..just look at how much time was given to him on the pitch..I think even Macheda starts more than him..okay..I overexaggerated.

You're old Sir Alex..not can't use Anderson, Fletcher, O'Shea, Park, Carrick, Tevez and Dinosaurs to win trophies..these are all TAUFU heroes (Song like to us that word)
So beloved Sir Alex, take this as a priceless lesson and choose your players like Barcelona.

If Shearer says Newcastle need a major revamp of its squad..I think MU need a MUCH bigger one.

Oh ya..didn't mention much on Barca..if you think Man of the Match is Lionel Messi..


Messi just scored a sitter.

It's Iniesta. Barca's effective football of containing MU the whole night is coming from the whole team and mainly from the engine room..Iniesta and Xavi..and Eto'o too...his ball stop and the execution was what everyone said..we never recovered from that point onwards..

Right..they won it fair and square..they were the (MUCH) better doubt.

If you want to say the current Barcelona squad is the sexy football king..I have no arguments.

I'm sorry if I made you dizzy..which is unlikely..unless..of course you read all of this..nola..I think you stoppped after 1 you won't be reading what I'm writing now..hehe
Just wanna express my dissapointment and dissatisfaction on the policies and decisions of the manager of the club I support.

Lol...i think this is probably my longest post from before and will the longest ever..xD

Hey, thanks for reading..of course..if you did la..I know, I's long and messy and duno what's all this about..but hey, still thanks! for even looking at this piece of jumk for 1 minute..haha..oh, even to care for reading this minuscule line too..xD
Mastercard? What Mastercard? It's Barcelona's lesson that's priceless.

May 20, 2009

Hehe i din know zhou xun can play badminton wakakakka! xD



The badminton player is from Korea..jz felf like she looks like someone when i 1st saw her..
They look alike hor??haha!
saw her played in Sudirman Cup and when i started to notice her, she never play again in the competition...
i think the pictures above are her old more cute ady xD

haiz too bad...the China team la!!beat Korea 3-0 in final...her match is just after that lol T.T i was hoping that Korea doubles beat China doubles so women singles will be played!
that was during final

during semi-final :
Malaysia pula lost to Koread 0-3 =.="
was hoping KKK and Tan BH beat Korea doubles so can watch women singles!!haha but sadly that didn't happen T.T

so conclusion is: next time when badminton competition pay attention to when women singles would be played if dowana miss the chance to see her in action!xD

Align Center

May 17, 2009

Ur at the right blog

yes u did not type the url wrongly...xD

haha added a song and changed the template....for fun >.<
considering mrlongmc keep on changing his template, me as his sai lou must oso "you yang xue yang" la right?

What's more, the game i just added (night of 1000 zombies) just fit this template nicely!! omg so i dowana change oso cannot d..otherwise all those zombies jump out to find me lol!!
so..enjoy the game!!
don think it's easy ar...when you are at the later stages, those stupid things just keep coming out like there's no tomorrow!!!!!!%#%$^(%)&_)(&&*
so.....go try it out =)

and don forget about the pac man as well..haha!

yeayea results just came out...luckily got an A for basic i was like din really have time to study about it last semester...the text book was only being flipped through before the book still very VERY thing it still can be used during advanced diploma level..hopefully by the time the lecturer dont say this :" well i think the latest version will be better." -.-"

one more thing, stupid KUTU din turn up when we were at jonathan's house...swt la tat guy...his house is the nearest yet we did not see him the whole "journey"...

p/s listening to the song "piano" xD
p/s since i dono how to play piano so just listen to the song la..
p/s maybe next time will listen to the song "violin"
p/s or maybe "saxophone"
p/s guitar oso can......

如果爱我已不存在 我希望 有一段精彩 让回忆有所感慨~~
TQTQ! >.<
p/s wat are u doing....?

May 8, 2009

Answer for random question
"No light, send men"
"No men, use candle"

May 3, 2009



不过我看她应该是有男朋友了,或者甚至已经有老公了! T.T

可惜的是有些人就是就是没能做到这一点.. (举个例子,甚至在游戏里都做不到)
哈哈当然不要在这里讲人名 >.<"


May 1, 2009

Newcastle United ↑ or ↓

Newcastle United's now in the drop zone. But just 3 points away from safety.

I say they'll drop. Anyone says otherwise? Any takers? Odds 3/1

Bet stands till tomorrow (02 May 2009, Saturday).

Apr 24, 2009

Okay well I've got nothing special to blog these days so maybe I'll do one out of a few tags I got from a friend of mine. (can use ur Opening paragraph rite? haha!)

1. The person who tagged you?
Kah Ern

2. Your relationship with him/her is?
Secondary school fren

3. Your impressions of him/her?
erm....she's funny!!haha i mean u always see her laughing hehe..

4. The most memorable thing he/she had done for you
er.....making birthday card for me?xD

5. The most memorable thing he/she had said to you
PI REN!!!haha!

6. If he/she becomes your lover you will
if ah..happen d only see ler... xD

7. If he/she becomes your lover,things he/she has to improve on
don have to improve anything is bao rong!!haha!u accept watever the good and bad things of ur lover..

8. If he/she becomes your enemy,you will
keep on calling her pi ren...

9. If he/she becomes your enemy,the reason will be
keep on calling me PI REN gua..hahahahah!!!

10. The most desired thing you want to do for him/her now
no idea...

11. Your overall impression of him/her is
cute and funny!! :P

12. How do you think people around you will feel about you?
no idea leh...check out their answers on this tag den will know..

13. The characters you love of yourself are
easy going?happy go lucky?haha quoted from my class rep xD

14. On the contrary,the characters that you hate about yourself
being LAZY

15. The most ideal person you want to be is
christiano ronaldo?haha out of the question d..

16. For people who care and love you,you say something to them
thank you and i love u!!!! =)

17. Pass this test to 10 persons who you wished to know how they feel about you-

1- Kah ern -xD
3- Siaw Wei -
4- Vincent -
5- Ru Jin -
6- Disheng!! -
7- Swee Ann -
8- Miow-
9- Shu Pin - (tell u wat...his last post is about chinese new yr xD)
10-Man Chun -
11- Yee Hoo- no wonder i had the feeling like i missed out someone =)
12 - Kwan Kit no wonder i had the feeling like i missed out someone =)
13 YOU

18. Who is no.6?
A guy who loves basketball and his dream is to become jordan!!

19. Is no.9 a male or female?

20. If no.7 and no.10 together,is that a good thing?
Man Chun and Swee Ann?Undoubtedly definitely surely absolutely good thing...the best thing u can have in our class xD

21. What is no.2 studying about?
Accountancy gua...i not sure o..only know that we are in the same course..haha! eh we studying wat ar?

22. When is the last time you had a chat with no.3?
last time lo..through msn i think before she went back to australia?

23. What kind of music band does no.8 like?
erm..i think he likes quite alot!

24. Does no. 1 have any siblings?

25. Will you woo no.3?
wat's woo?? kao? haha wont gua later her bf woo me back >.<

26. How about no.7?
oso canot kao la..later the malacca dai lou whack me xD

27. Is no.4 single?

28. What is the surname of no.5?

29. What is the hobby of no.10?
play dota i think? haha he said that anything i don understand bout dota can ask him!!

30. Does no.5 and 9 get along well?
yes gua..but 5 said she forgot whether 9 was her primary classmate xP

31. Where is no.2 studying at?
tar college...? i oso not sure wat's the name of the college we've been attending since last yr xD

32. Talk something casually about no.1
one of the best person u can find...haha welcome!!

33. Have you tried developing feelings for no.6?
oh yes dammit!! but i think that scared him away from our college xP

34. Where does no.9 live at?
swimming pool!!

35. What colour does no.4 like?
he ar....let me guess....teal??

36. Are no.5 and 1 best friends?
erm...sure haha..

37. Is no.7 the sexiest person in the world?
think i'll leave this question for no. 10 to answer keke!

38. What is no.6 doing now?
hmmmm....sleeping? or just wake up and having his BRANCH!xD

ok so u, u and you go do the tag now!!!haha!

*holiday mode turned on* xD
*when wana luk ling and cheong k??????

Apr 22, 2009



The game between the two losers to Chelsea.

Arshavin..not's 4! Dumbstruck..honestly.
Hehe..Miow...dun say Arsenal no chance ar...although they cannot be UCL & FA Cup winners like what Biiang said earlier..budden the real team that's out of everything seems like Liverpool(especially after the 4-4- draw)..hehe

Budden I have to's definitely the MOST exciting match in the EPL this season. Of course unless with the remaining 5 odd games something as spectacular as such a game can be produced la.

Apr 17, 2009


Chelsea v Arsenal --------------- Chelsea
MU v Everton -------------------- MU

(image MU play Chelsea in two

Apr 14, 2009


Bayern Munich vs Barcelona ---------- Barcelona
Chelsea vs Liverpool ------------------ Chelsea

Arsenal vs Villarreal ------------------ Arsenal
Porto vs MU ------------------------- MU

To qualify to SF:



Apr 12, 2009

Greatest come back! xD

Yo mehsi??!?! i'm back!!greatest come back since sushi king treat ><"
the past few weeks had been hectic, with assignment submission deadline, coursework tests and replacement classes.

The summary: Last week: Ching ming + coursework tests + assignments

Last last week:

Accounting society development camp

Last last last week:
forget d xD

one funny thing I'd like to share:
there was one morning where i was on the way to college, den this ONE FM got ppl called in for some quiz thingy
The DJs : "What country will be hosting the 2012 World Cup?"
The girl : "er...Arsenal!"

next question:
The DJs : "Who is the president of France?"
The girl : "errrrr....(this time er longer)...Obama!" (she was laughing when she said this!)

-.-" so speechless leh..although i oso dono the name of the president of France >.< but at least wont say obama ma rite...say oso say her name la lol

p/s : dono why just cant paste the personality test results #@%$#^&%*&^(* stupid blogspot!!!xD

Apr 9, 2009

some random test


Say you live in a village near a hill. On top of the hill there's a nunnery. One day, there's a power outage at the nunnery. The head nun called you (say, you're the electric man) and said this

"No light, send men"


Think of a short reply that has DUAL meaning. Something VERY innocent while not very innocent.

happy thinking :)

Apr 7, 2009

siapa boleh menang QF 1st leg?

1 MU v Porto ----- shengzhais recommend MU
2 Villareal v Arsenal ----- shengzhais recommend Arsenal

3 Liverpool v Chelsea ----- shengzhais recommend Liverpool
4 Barcelona v Bayern Munich ----- shengzhais recommend Barcelona

sila bagi komen..hehe

Mar 16, 2009


Mar 14, 2009


hehe sorry was quite busy these only manage to post about the stay at our friend's house now...

so it was 9/3/09, an ordinary monday..but an extraordinary one for those of us going to his house xD reach wangsa maju at almost evening, then straight away went meet them at V2 =_=
storm > eat > storm> eat > sleep was all we did for the night lol...cant believe i actually done that >.<
Do visit the blog of man chun and songher and miow for a detailed report xD

but the most funny thing happened in a sushi king outlet at jusco setiawangsa..the cashier kept on asking us to order more u know....under pressure, we succumb to her kacau-ness, and ordered a few more packets of sushi to be brought back to john's house for supper! haha!
and apparently the lady made a mistake and she only charged us the price of one sushi't laugh!! xD
so it was just RM10.25 for us to buy all these =.="

courtesy of me for being lengchai which resulted in the cashier's mistake xDxD
(hopefully she doesn't found our blog lol)

Thank you john for inviting us!! =)
Thank you for inviting us even though ur life is at risk haha xD

Feb 28, 2009

End Of Holidays..

College is resuming next week, on the 4th. What a nice date to start the 4th semester -.-
According to our timetable, there will be classes on wednesday, friday and saturdays...which ruined our saturdays!!luckilly this is a short sem which only last for 7 weeks....otherwise we would have to keep on waking up early in the morning just to attend 2 hours of tutorial every SATURDAY.
Besides, the timetable for this semester is also not really suitable for us to go bowling after class xD

Did not go lake club for badminton today cz there is no transport!!
Biiang Huei :" Kor, daddy sent ur car to see doctor isit?"
Biiang Sheng :" -.-" ...yalo got serious illness ma."
And finally mum allow me to drive her car, she asked me whether wana drive my bro out anot haha...but still not use to its braking system, too sensitive i would say compared to proton saga xD

"Saturday Lake Club Teenager Team" 's manager called and urged me to pay him the money for making the team wana buy anot cuz i already have a lot le...can ah can ah?? samo i think i will wear it at no where else other than lake club >.< but the GDD semangat is still flowing in my blood and veins!!!so probably i will GDD lar.....RM 45 gone...T.T why this word-typing thing in blogger is just like soooooooooooooooo caca*ed?!!??!??
everytime after i typed it will delete part of them on itself!! mdjb

Holiday is ending sooooooon le, happy moments pass by so fast just like the saying goes
快乐的时光过得特别快, 又是时候讲拜拜!

p/s Mr. Loo D said wana dissolve partnership wo...den shengzhais will be changed to shengzhai >.<

Feb 20, 2009

Have you experienced the feeling of having your vehicle stranded on the road side? yes i've experienced that...and the reason to that was----my car ran out of petrol -.-"

i know this sounds funny..hahahahahaha so lets laugh >.< but actually it was quite funny xD
I would like to clarify something, this was the 1st time my car ran out of petrol when i'm on the road, alone, not with my parents... not like wat songher said "don worry this is not the first time d" xD although there was this historical FIRST TIME but that was right in front of my house and it happened cz we din know that the petrol meter was not working properly!!

So, went to take a taxi to petrol station, fill up the petrol bottle and go back to "refill" the dried up petrol tank lolx...made me and song sweat a lot! imagine how much u sweat when u're driving under the heat of the sun around 12 in the noon, den suddenly ur car engine stop functioning, and ur so nervous! (don forget the air-conditioner stops funtioning as well)

After everything is fixed, off we headed to leisure mall...and erm...walk around lol...with miow and kk...go into watson to "test" their perfume oso xD

p/s shengko is suggesting for a ts trip!!

Feb 17, 2009

Valentine's day

so these are the people whom i spent my valentine's day with :
night time lo...the romantic part xD

was trying to take a pic with someone cz wei quan told me the texture
of my face abit different >.<
end up everyone stormed in front of the cameraman
(from left :songher, miow, you shen, disheng, phang, wei quan, me
yee hoo, jun hao)

yee hoo was injured dat's y he sat at the dragon's chair (龙椅),
so i think he'll be doubtful for next...AC Milan's match?
*all 9 here are available, except for 2*
wan me reveal the answer ar? wakakakak xD

(From right: injured Arsenal star, injured AC Milan star
fully fit ball-picking boy at the Emirates stadium)
i can recognize him!! xP

p/s the hall was exceptionally full on that i think there are a lot of bachelors lol

this was during new yr ops >.<

some pictures taken during CNY at my uncle's house
his doggy

his fishy and...

my auntie!! hahahahahaha u got it right!! xP

a short filming section with doggy ^.^

Feb 12, 2009

4D3N at Sungai Long

First of all, it's at sungai long ( not sungai wang ) cuz i almost type sungai wang in the title above xD
so as usual...our CAMP in sungai wang is at Mr. Ng Kah Wai's house (i'll write his address instead if i know wakakakka)

Lots of things happened during these 4 days...from storming his house to "storming" in our own means, from playing mah jong to singing karaoke, and from playing black jack to poker/pair, and last but not least from EARLY KICK OFF to me getting injured and became a major doubt for next arsenal match lol xP ignore the last sentence ><

One thing i was supprised at, i actually stayed in the karaoke room all the way from 3pm-8pm...of cuz with others la i'm not that crazy...but most of the time only disheng and i was singing...others joined in once in a while when they passed by or when they were summoned through mike (kah wai's parents weren't around so u know...mike is a very useful tool when u are communicating with people in other rooms) haihz..pure swt-ness...

Speaking about gambling.....hehe yea we did gamble...but this year we played poker or pair whichever u call it....

JOKE OF THE DAY : usually only the "familiar faces" (which we called ourselves) play poker
familiar faces = jun hao, chew, shu pin, darren biiang
whenever we sat down and wanted to start, there must be someone between the familiar faces asking :"again these familiar faces ar?" LOL...that was funny...u just cant imagine the situation...

according to chew : poker is something with low risk high return
for shu pin : high risk high return
jun hao : high risk high return
me : high risk high return
miow : high risk no return -.-"

that's wat we got after discussing among ourselves xD

EARLY KICK OFF : got myself injured in right foot...toe injury, i think need some surgery and will be out for at least 2 the time i come back the season almost end d...haihz.... xD
ignore is the day....thursday, 12th FEB 2009, Mr. Kah Wai is departing to australia for his studies....all the best to u and hopefully u still recognize us the next time we see u =)
and again.. thx for everything and we really do appreciate it ^.^

arranged by dancing lions at kah wai's dad's office
can u see through the words betwee the kamS? xD

somebody took my pic curi-curi-ly in the morning (we call it morning even though it's almost 12pm)

i found out and is trying to shock the fella to death keke!

since it's songher so i forgive him la...notice the yellow
colour towel guy haiz...tsk tsk tsk xP