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Mar 19, 2011

NATO = No Action Talk Only

Mar 11, 2011

Internship Day 25


he says:
"I have to admit that I'm brilliant"
"So u're quite efficient in doing repetitive work"
"Can i not participate in these kind of decisions"

u know, frankly, i quite pei fu my boss, as in, salute/impressed by him.

as i'm typing and minimizing this, he said something funny again!

"Eh, 5.30 ady, bah bye"
"Darling the jam is starting, i'm telling u"

The feeling is like 又敬又畏..我佩服的是他在这领域的知识, and he can speak eng very well!typical banana la lol!but when he is mad, nobody will like him =X
I think his mood is good today, be4 he said the 5.30 bah bye thingy, he was discussing us what we wana eat on next thursday, think he is treating us lunch!

By the way, it was cloudy the whole day.
Rainy day will make me miss u for a while perhaps, but cloudy & drizzling from morning till 5.30 makes me miss u even more! =(

Mar 9, 2011

Internship Day 22!

Watched "I am number 4" yesterday..too bad there are 9 of makers' tactic to make more money lol!xD
Hmm...Am I No.4? hehe! =)

Did bank reconciliation today!So easy ler jz key in the figures into spreadsheet and the answer will come out de hahaha!stupid work >.<"

Mar 2, 2011

Found this clip from you tube recently..if you have not listened to this song before, try downloading the original version, then compare it with this live version =)
What i like the most is the final part..hahaha no wonder he is called E-神!
Some comments


高音不到 音準微差

但 演唱會 看的不是音準 不是飆音

而是渲染力 穿透力 甚至是震撼力

我覺得這些 在這個版本都出現了

尤其是最後那段嘶吼的歌聲 唱出了整個歌的精神

非常的歇斯底里 整個就只有雞皮疙瘩而已"




(I couldn't upload the video so decided to just post up the link >.<)

Hope i survive through the internship..boss is getting nasties! haha pray for me! =D