Dec 14, 2011

when will they ever learn

Trying to solve a problem of having too much currency by throwing more currency at it. Sound ironic to you, isn't it? It is surely ironic to me.

We don't need a rocket scientist or a brilliant economist to tell us that it'll NEVER work. When will they ever learn?

If this goes on, in 5 years time (or less), we may witness a DEPRESSION that nobody on planet earth has ever seen.

Dec 12, 2011

told you so

When will you wake up my friend?

What?!! You finally got it? Oh, bad...I knew you would still grind out 1-nils..AGRRHH!!!

Madrid 1-3 Barcelona

Barca deserved the win (despite Valdes essentially scoring an own goal)

Once again...please allow me to reiterate..I know I'm a bit cheong hei...hehe...

Barcelona play with class and most importantly a PHILOSOPHY for the game. When will all the big spenders wake up??? You may buy trophies with money...but you can't buy class and philosophy with them. You've gotta groom them from grassroot level...VIVA La Masia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even Barcelona B Team can put up a fight with Madrid or City any other day...they may not be as comfortable as their seniors...but they'll definitely give the boys a run for their money...

That's why I still respect Arsenal and Wenger for their firmness on a certain way football should be played...

but I still don't like Wenger's eyesight...haha

R.I.P. Socrates (hopefully Joga Bonito will still be with us in the future)

Nov 16, 2011

Oct 25, 2011

Oct 22, 2011

Why Occupy Wall Street will fail

This is an article from Wall Street Journal's Market Watch. But the point I want to make here is not OWS but money in politics.

HALF A BILLION campaigning dollars for a $500,000 job???
Does is make sense to you?? Surely not me.

Here you go:

BOSTON (MarketWatch) — The public has every reason to be angry at what’s going on in this country, and every reason to protest. But will the Occupy Wall Street movement succeed in changing anything? Don’t count on it.

Here are five reasons I think these protests are doomed to fail.

1. They are in the wrong place.

Why are they down in Lower Manhattan? Do they think that’s where the power — and the money — really is? Folks: When people talk about “Wall Street,” it’s just a figure of speech.

Even in the days of J.P. Morgan Sr., the real action didn’t take place in the company offices at 60 Wall St. It took place in the old man’s library. Uptown.

These days the real movers and shakers aren’t anywhere near Zuccotti Park. They’re out in places like Greenwich, Conn., home of the hedge-fund honchos.

I called the town offices there to see if they’d had any protests.

“Oh, no,” said the polite young man who answered the phone, his tone somewhat surprised. “There’s been nothing like that here.”

It’s hopeless.

If these people were on the ball, they’d at least be moving down south to “Occupy Palm Beach” for the winter.

2. They don’t have an agenda.

And they can’t have one. Talk about a herd of cats. Occupy Boston is a camp of about 100 tents, and on a brief walk through I noticed posters, placards and stickers for 9/11 “truthers,” anarcho-communists, “Jewish Labor,” “stop the marijuana laws,” “stop the U.S. war against Islam” and so on. Some quasi-Buddhists had set up a “sacred space,” and were burning incense. Elsewhere, a sign denounced a new school project out in the suburbs.

Tough to rope all this into a 10-point plan. Or a 100-point plan. Sorry, but it’s reminding me of the days watching the old University Left crowd — right down to the weird sweaters and vegan cooking.

In Boston, one man sat on a deck chair with a sign that simply declared, “Financial markets always make bubbles and crashes.” What’s that, the Hyman Minsky Front? For all I know, he was an investment manager on a lunch break. Famed Boston investor Jeremy Grantham, who’s been making the same point about bubbles and crashes for years, has his offices about 100 yards away.

You want to group these people into an agenda? How?

3. The weather’s turning.

It’s been unseasonably warm and dry out there till recently. Now the rain’s arriving. Wait until the temperature drops and the frosts move in.

According to, the average lows drop to 42 degrees for the month of November and 32 in December. Good luck with that. How’s that tent working out?

These protesters made a couple of big blunders.

The first is that they started protesting over the summer, leaving themselves just a couple of months till the weather turns. They should have started in the spring.

They’ve been lucky so far, but it won’t last. Read more on MarketWatch’s Occupy Wall Street blog.

The second is that they made it an outside camping event. I still don’t understand it. You can hold a protest march at any time. People can show up, protest and then go home for a hot meal, a shower and a good night’s sleep in their own bed. Net result: Lots of people can take part. But how many people can — or want to — camp out in downtown Manhattan for three months?

Especially after Halloween.

When the cold and rain really come in force, a lot of these people are going home. Then the opponents of Occupy Wall Street will declare victory.

4. Money talks.

Actually, these days money shouts, and it will drown out whatever anyone else says. The 2010 Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling has opened the floodgates to unlimited spending on elections by anybody, anytime — including, of course, any corporation.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, there are now 156 super political action committees that have taken advantage of the ruling. Political operative Mark McKinnon told me last week that he expects them to raise about $1 billion, mostly anonymously. McKinnon, who helped run the Bush-Cheney campaigns of 2000 and 2004, called the amount of corporate spending today “absolutely pornographic.”

And no industry spends like Wall Street. The finance sector is the biggest source of campaign contributions, year after year. Politicians suck up to the banks for the same reason Willie Sutton once robbed them: That’s where the money is.

In 2008 bankers gave half a billion dollars to political campaigns — up from $350 billion in 2004.

And they are so outraged even by the toothless Dodd-Frank regulations that they have shifted the majority of their contributions to the Republicans. If they can’t stand Dodd-Frank, what’s the chance they would tolerate real reform?

We’re still a year away from the next elections, and they’ve already handed over $97 million in (disclosed) political contributions. That includes $5 million so far to Mitt Romney and $2.5 million to Barack Obama. How tough do you think politicians are likely to be on Wall Street?

No matter how much anger these protesters channel, the golden rule will prevail: Those that have the gold will make the rules.

5. We’ll forget about it.

Sure, people are paying attention to Occupy Wall Street now. But just wait till something interesting happens on the Kardashians. Or there’s a bust-up on America’s Top Pastry Chef. Or some child pretends to get trapped on a balloon.

OWS will go as stale as last month’s bread. Look! Over there! Monkeys running amok in Ohio!

Many optimists believe the new media world of the Internet and Facebook and Twitter puts more power in the hands of “the people.” I think instead we’ve sleep-walked into a nightmare world of mass attention-deficit disorder and easy distraction.

Nicholas Carr, in his 2010 book The Shallows, shows in alarming detail how the Web is rewiring our brains towards superficiality.

The information age? The democracy of media? In the age of the Internet, and “infinite media,” I see a world that is increasingly mean-spirited, anti-logical, and misinformed. (Or, to put it more bluntly: Mean, stupid and wrong).

And it’s left an open road for propagandists.

I got one of those mass circulated emails recently telling me how Lee Iacocca, the former Chrysler boss, had a “new book out” slamming Obama. It contained all sorts of brutal quotes.

The only problem? Iacocca’s book came out in 2007. His quotes were about President George W. Bush. Someone had simply doctored all the quotes and blasted out an email, that quickly went all round the Web.

For each recipient who caught the lie, a hundred won’t. Was it an amateur propagandist who sent out this email, or a professional? We’ll never know.

According to the U.S. Labor Department, there are now about 280,000 public relations managers and specialists in America. The number of reporters: Just 45,000: That’s six flacks per reporter. Good luck with that.

In six months’ time, or maybe just six weeks, everyone will have forgotten about OWS.

Do I see no positive news for these protesters? I hate to be entirely negative, so I am happy to offer some good news as well.

If you really think the banks have a free hand to make money at the expense of the rest of us, you can just go out and buy their stocks right now and make a fortune.

After all, they’ve collapsed. Bank of America’s stock (XNYS:BAC - News) has been halved since the start of the year. At $6.40, the shares are trading at a third of book value (according to FactSet Research), about where they were at the absolute lows in March 2009. (Bank of America just reported $6.2 billion net income in the third quarter, returns on average equity of 22% and Tier One capital — a measure of balance-sheet strength — up to a decent 11.5%. Make of it what you will.)

Citigroup Inc. (XNYS:C) has lost a third of its value this year.

Even the Vampire Squid itself has covered its stockholders in red ink. Shares of Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (XNYS:GS - News) have lost a third of their value this year. The stock is trading below book value.

Contrarians, ho! According to the most recent surveys, big institutional money managers are massively underweight bank stocks. They won’t touch them with a 10-foot pole. They’re terrified. This is often a contrarian buying indicator. Not always, but often.

If you really do think these guys have the government in their pocket, it should be a one-way bet.

Brett Arends is a senior columnist for MarketWatch and a personal-finance columnist for the Wall Street Journal.

Oct 20, 2011

Obama next term? NO CHANCE MATEY...

Mitt Romney WILL BE the next president of the United States!!!

At the moment at least.
Unless the order changes. You'll understand what the "order" means when you finish reading this.
Click on this link and you'll know why: You Can Buy The Elections Baby!!!

Republican or Democrat or any President or whoever it is...occupying doesn't matter. When you play 大小, remember to bet both, 大 and 小'll never lose.

18 Oct 2011 Western GOP Presidential Debate in Las Vegas, Nevada

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

This whole thing is a joke.

Almost all the candidates don't know what is coming out from their mouths.

We can all just ignore whatever their going to say with the exception of Ron Paul. Whatever he said was by far the most relevant and truthful in the whole debate thingy. None of them even dare utter the word "Fed" when they touced on the economy part (coz they know where their campaigning money's gonna come) other than Ron Paul which is very anti-Federal Reserve and rightly so.

Only the other one that would be spared is Newt Gingrich. At least he spoke with a little more sense than the rest of the pack, coming in second after Ron Paul.

These fellows I tell you ah...very teruk la...they can keep on talking nonsense on stage oozing with confidence...I just beh tahan ohh, I tell you....

Aiyorr...especially Michele Bachmann, I tell you...teruk la this lady...
Especially when she touched on the defence issue. Very clearly she's talking rot just for the sake of being popular. Instead of saying what a potential president should be saying, she only says things that are easy on the tender ears of the American public. When they were talking about the issue on defence, only Ron Paul's statements made sense.

In fact, not only Bachmann la...all the others (Ron Paul excluded) were doing the same thing...they only say things that is liked by the public in order to be popular. Instead of telling the hard truths which the American public has the right to know, these crooks just want to be popular so that they can be president. Just like our Jib哥 la...give candies...give freebies...
Buden we, the public, also has a fair share of the fault la...we tend to like lies which are easy to masuk telinga rather than truths which slap our face teruk teruk red one. So they play to our demands lo...
Since whether we know the truth or not also got nothing to do with them...all they care is money and power saja ma...if they screwed up..dun worry...taxpayers (lu sama dengan i--你和我--me n u) are always gonna bail them we have choice??

Are these people the ones we will put them in charge of leading our nation?

THESE crooks people??? Our leaders??? You serious???

Oh btw, if you think Ron Paul's gonna be elected since he's the only honest candidate out're dead wrong. Not even Obama stands a chance. I'll tell you why in the next post.

Oct 15, 2011

Sep 29, 2011

The Federal Reserve
is NOT federal,
there are NO reserves,
and it is NOT a bank.

Sep 9, 2011

if you are free, you can go watch the movie “让子弹飞”....watched it ytd and i find it farny haha! the conversation, the humorous characters haha!
but it's almost 2 hours, so be prepared! =)

Aug 7, 2011

good job guys!

good job guys! coming back from 2-nil down to win 3-2

Phil Jones is a good buy (Ferdinand's slow and he can't push..Vidic's okay)

Young's okay..but i personally prefer Lennon

Smalling can play rightback but needs to improve on his crossing

Cleverley is Sneijder, no problem..i have a feeling he's our new Scholes..fingers crossed..

Whoa..just imagine a fit Rooney + a fit Chicharito + a fit Welbeck + a fit Macheda...well...Berbatov's surplus to requirements..though i have to admit he's good..but he's just too and i mean TOOOOO laidback

Leftback..check..we have the da Silvas..but i prefer Bale..he's the best leftback in the world..and i sort of feels that he's a winger rather than a defender..

Nani's okay today..

i'm giving Anderson another chance..he better perform..

de Gea is not any better than Foster..he's to replace Van der Sar?? don't think so..hopefully when the season starts he proves me wrong..

Carrick is shit..hope that he's sold soon..not creative at all..easily outpaced..can't shoot..

til' next time..goodbye

Jul 28, 2011

persatuan kenasepak dan makan lui malaysia

to lose because of the superiority in skill of the opposition is acceptable

to lose because of makan 'lui' is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE

don't come and tell me Singapore is better than Malaysia in terms of skill and all that bullshit...
you can see for yourself who is more skilled...if you watched the games...
there is no other explanations other than makaning 'lui'...
Malaysia's defence is near non-existent...I think even schoolboys can defend better than our national's so OBVIOUS the match's fixed...
it's no use how many goals Safi can's just to make the whole 'show' more believable..otherwise the goal difference is too big and hard to be swallowed by all our Loyal and Patriotic Malaysians (who went to Jalan Besar/Bukit Jalil/glued to the square-box at home or at the mamak) I felt for you guys...when I looked at those yellow jerseys in the stadium on TV...I just can't help it but felt they were cheated (myself included)
it's just disgusting when I watch the promotion videos of our 'Harimau Muda' on TV...BULLSHIT...Harimau "Nak Lui Sungguh" Muda agaknya...

since now the whole FIFA/Blatter/Bin Hammam/Warner fuss is on-going, clamp down on Malaysian football as's so clear cut it's corruption!!!

PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE return us the days of SuperMokh's Malaysian football

Jul 24, 2011 likey!! T.T

Jul 22, 2011

May 4, 2011

jimmy jump paid a visit too ;)

Apr 28, 2011

there's no conspiracy la Mou Mou...Pepe made contact..and a hard one too...


Apr 25, 2011

Internship Countdown 3 and a half days

I was entering some petty cash transactions when i saw a funny one:
Tips (to driver) - Details: morning confidence

i was like -.-" wtf hahaha!

anyway it's d last 3 and a half day i'll be here =D
p/s: abcdefg!

Apr 21, 2011

both the teams i support just lost their domestic in the semis, one in the final...both one-nil... treble

...just brilliant

Apr 17, 2011

As a build-up to El Clasico, ESPN compares stats of C.Ron to Messi...but got the wrong

Apr 13, 2011

fun facts

Have you ever wonder which clubs have never been relegated in their respective top flight leagues? Here we go... England - Arsenal - since 1919, they have not been relegated (btw, Everton has the most no. of yrs in the top division) Spain - Real Madrid & Barcelona (this one should be easy right...) and one more ATHLETIC BILBAO!!! Italy - Inter Milan (btw, AC Milan owner aka the current Italian PM can be said a frequent patron of sexual services, he is none other than the famous Silvio Berlusconi said that he wants to buy C. Ronaldo, but I think it's just a stunt to gain popularity that's all...I dun tink Ron will want to go la..oh, Berlusconi's allegedly linked to the Mafia too)

Apr 8, 2011

Apr 6, 2011


F**king PR, F***ing Offffffffffffffffice and F****ng Cleieintntnaisnti a.ccccc wtf!sigh!
i hope i'm not the one who is stupid... haihz....!!

Apr 4, 2011

Internship Day 42

Ngek Ngek Ngek i din lost count muwahahahahah!
dono what to update about my internship d...everyday do this and do that...boss ask u do wat den u do wat, boss din ask u do tings, den u log in fb, although u are supposed to find things to do!
boss is giving me audit work to do la...but sometimes, feel abit sien too doing same things ho!

hmm..watched dan shen nan nv yesterday!feel that it's abit too draggy, otherwise i think it'll be very nice hehe...anyhow, watch what movie oso almost the same la as long as watch with u haha!
the actress said sth like "i dreamed bout HIM......"
who will be the one appearing in ur dream...? xP

Mar 19, 2011

NATO = No Action Talk Only

Mar 11, 2011

Internship Day 25


he says:
"I have to admit that I'm brilliant"
"So u're quite efficient in doing repetitive work"
"Can i not participate in these kind of decisions"

u know, frankly, i quite pei fu my boss, as in, salute/impressed by him.

as i'm typing and minimizing this, he said something funny again!

"Eh, 5.30 ady, bah bye"
"Darling the jam is starting, i'm telling u"

The feeling is like 又敬又畏..我佩服的是他在这领域的知识, and he can speak eng very well!typical banana la lol!but when he is mad, nobody will like him =X
I think his mood is good today, be4 he said the 5.30 bah bye thingy, he was discussing us what we wana eat on next thursday, think he is treating us lunch!

By the way, it was cloudy the whole day.
Rainy day will make me miss u for a while perhaps, but cloudy & drizzling from morning till 5.30 makes me miss u even more! =(

Mar 9, 2011

Internship Day 22!

Watched "I am number 4" yesterday..too bad there are 9 of makers' tactic to make more money lol!xD
Hmm...Am I No.4? hehe! =)

Did bank reconciliation today!So easy ler jz key in the figures into spreadsheet and the answer will come out de hahaha!stupid work >.<"

Mar 2, 2011

Found this clip from you tube recently..if you have not listened to this song before, try downloading the original version, then compare it with this live version =)
What i like the most is the final part..hahaha no wonder he is called E-神!
Some comments


高音不到 音準微差

但 演唱會 看的不是音準 不是飆音

而是渲染力 穿透力 甚至是震撼力

我覺得這些 在這個版本都出現了

尤其是最後那段嘶吼的歌聲 唱出了整個歌的精神

非常的歇斯底里 整個就只有雞皮疙瘩而已"




(I couldn't upload the video so decided to just post up the link >.<)

Hope i survive through the internship..boss is getting nasties! haha pray for me! =D


Feb 26, 2011

Internship day 15


Day 15 cz it's friday of 3rd week! hehe! today mr boss went home around 3..weee!!! i was saying to my colleague "so not worth it" cz according to them, mr boss went back 3.30 yesterday but i took half day leave! haha! luckily i din take leave today rite xD

Think he wont be coming on monday cz going to court for the result of a court case if i not bad la him go 打官司 with ppl -.-""""

i even saw my colleague wrote "my boss is the worst boss" in fb haha! can see how cham we are working for him man T.T

I hope to get *** on my bday too! haha!

Feb 24, 2011

Internship dono day number wat!


Let's stop at no.4 ! hahaha! i like my this quote very muchie!
Took half day off today cz i needed to rob the bank...lost my atm card and another maybank card, i typed the password wrongly LOL! don laugh at me!!@!

So damn hot this afternoon, the whether is really bad nowadays..sweat-ed quite alot while i was eating, then when i went back home it rained!-.-""

Btw when i was in public bank, a lady asked me what transaction i was waiting for (she said she notice i waited for quite long), then she started to talk to me LOL! think she wanted to ask me got gf anot hahahha! xD if she were to ask , i'l answer not available cz got mrs lbs d! =D

den when i applied for the new atm card, i was required to pay RM8, and THANK GOD i have that last remaining RM8 in my wallet! after paying that 8 ringgit, my wallet was empty! seriously empty lol! phew...otherwise.....must borrow from ppl d haha!

afta that went to maybank pula, luckily the fella was smart let me key in my pin for another time before giving me a new card, if not RM12 fly away again!thank you! =)
then at there the lady ask me whether i'm still studying or working haha...but this time is a malay lady xD

Today's a special day leh, cz "annonymouz" passed by, and mrs lbs visited as well hahaha! xD

p/s i'll eat more to become fatter, u too k! =D and no cold water! blek!=P

Feb 22, 2011


Quote of the day :" an apple a day keeps the doctor away!"

So, i'm gonna eat an apple everyday, peeling the skin myself ok? hehe!

Boss is giving me audit related things to do...hmm...a good sign? jz hope that i dont need to work OT to get things done!
gtg, see ya!

Feb 20, 2011

16/2/2011 - 18/2/2011

hehe summary!!but i din do much things oso la, boss was rushing for another company's audit which is not done by me, so he just passed me something else to done involved around PPE, TB, GL etc.

and we were "shoot" by him indirectly one of the day! wat the farm la this guy...dono how to say bout him..but i think it's a good training to our endurance level la LOL!
he go and switched on the air cond so cold that everyone in the office was shivering(except him la of cz), and he still dare to say i'm the boss here, so i get what i want!
wat the farm x 2
but it's a good training again, so that i can hug u when u feel cold next time rite? :-P

Then ho, i asked him something that i don really und, after talking one big round and shooting me in the process, he said he wont tell me, ask me to find out myself.
Then directly after that, he went to another colleague and said "u still don ask me things that u don und ho?"
wat the farm x 3

enough of the wat the farm haha! one of my colleague is called Ivan, last time when i did my internship in PWC, my first senior is oso called Ivan haha! ok will talk bout my colleague some other day hehe!

I really hope that we can stop at no. 4!
Let's go watch the movie "I'm no.4" cz it suits us! haha! =D

Intership Day 6


Valentine's day still need to work!! so cham! haha!
i seriously forgot what i did in office that day d...luckily my colleagues told me to write down in "One Note", a microsoft program which i never use be4 -.-"

  • Prepare TB in excel
  • Prepare A/R Confirmation Letters
  • Prepare A/P Confirmation Letters

After that, din balik rumah cz i went to "colleague's house" ma!hahaha!
That colleagues's house, was so full of people that we needed to take a no. to wait for my turn to eat!hmm, no. 8 we got!
when our 'fren' came to call for no.7, the person with no.7 is missing! so we got to eat one turn earlier hahaha!guess no 8 is lucky xD

although tired but I was happy that day, hope u enjoyed too! =)
Reach home quite late, luckily parents slept d..and luckily 2moro is a holiday!yay!xD but after this no more holiday d lerrrrrr aiks!!

Outing Day 1


Yeah it is satuday!2days of holidays after locking ourselves in office !so instead of intership day xxx, we have outing day!haha!
went to buy formal clothes with "wild b**r" wakakkakaa!
ate delifrance for lunch...sry if it's not nice k haha! xD it was my 1st time eating that as well >.<"

den watch 'shaolin'...wa, not really nice leh..even andy lau oso died in the end...nicholas tse din die rite i think? so fake lo bad ppl x die lol!

went to disheng's bday party after that hehe...the group photo! couldn't recognise the gold hair guy when i 1st saw his hair was black last time!
try see whether u can spot any gold hair guys anot!

p/s: when u wana change from "wild b**r" to mrs "L**"? :-P

Feb 14, 2011

Internship day 5


sry sry i "eat snake"/"steal chicken" for 2 days!haha!
okay so it was a friday..boss's son came back from singapore if i'm not mistaken thats why both boss and his wife seem happy that day.
(and i heard from colleague that his son is gonna get marrid!)
no wonder he was extra happy that day...

Prepared accounts receivables confirmation letter today..basically it was jz cut and paste!

Boss went back at 3pm+ omg..currently it is the earliest record, which i think shall not be broken easily xD
so there goes friday, haha cz i forgot what i did!T.T

but i surely remember what i did for saturday la LOL! xP

Feb 10, 2011

Internship day 4

Yesh today finally my boss gave me something related to audit to do!!hahaha! those colleagues who worked longer than me said "when u do more audit, u'll know it isn't that nice"
i know ar! but i jz wana hav a try of it ma...rather than asking me to do IT related things rite, i will feel paiseh if i tell ppl " I install a hard disk drive on my 1st day of work" hahaha ppl might tot i went into the wrong company!

Did audit working paper of:
1) other receivables
2) cash and bank
3) trial balance

2moro gonna do PPE i think that is quite confusing!
anyway today while having lunch, one colleague said the boss like very 有缘 with me, she just feel the boss talk abit differently with me lol...but i don think so ler, mayb thats how he talk to someone who know nothing bout audit rite haha! xD
and i replied "u see la when is my turn to get it from boss" haha wish me luck!
SO after boss went back today, the other guy colleague suddenly say "yes i almost one week x kena scold from boss d!" OMG!!hopefully he is just exaggerating it!

and it is thursday! end of thursday!! yeahhh!!! one more day and there'll be 2 days of holidays for those working! happy holiday ya!xD

p/s : Biiang is happy todae!! =))

Feb 9, 2011

Intership 3rd Day

To: 人们

so 结论 is better appreciate your studying life before u start working!!

What i did today :
1) Helping another intern from TARC to sort some letters/documents in order to look busy -.-"
2) listen lecture & stories from boss for around half an hour (until leg oso pain!)
3) Key in a company's trial balance

Work no.3 : i wonder what i did was useful or correct, hopefully it wasn't just to fill my time!

One stupid incident today : after finish my lunch, while on the way back i realised my shirt kena bird sh*t!! yes it was bird SHIT!!!genuine birdie shit!!OMG!! that shirt used to be my favourite shirt lo T.T stupid thing...but i din realize anything before that lol... the first thing i did after i took bath is to wash my shirt! then only start blogging xD

my boss's schedule:
reach office in between 9.30 and 10.00
go for lunch around 11.30am+
come back around 1.30 or 2pm
leave office at 4.30 or 5pm

so anytime in between i get to access facebook! lol! i jz privitised my fb acc otherwise can be caught very easily wakakkak! but the main point here is not being able to fb! why would i bother to drag myself to the office every morning just to fb there while i can do it at home...
Really wish i can learn something usefulllllllllll. I would rather prefer him to be at office from 8.30 to 5.30 provided i LEARN SOMETHING!!
after all the purpose of internship is to get experience in ur field rite??

ok dat's all for today!
"could i bother you to ....put me into your heart"? LOL!

Feb 8, 2011

Internship day 2

8/2/2011 boss comes in at 9.30 like dat every morning ( according to my colleagues ). So this means i get to fb wakakakak! and oh ya, he and his wife leave before 5.30 so far ( these 2 days xD), meaning i get to fb again and leave at 5.30 muwahahahahha! i hope this "trend" continue!!

So this morning he talked to me in a room, the only room in the office,(so u can imagine how small is the office) about this audit software/ programme or watever i dont really know what is dat too that he wants me to help in developing or whatsoever WTHH!! and i dowannn lo haih...always internship oso get these noob job de T.T
he told me that i'll me helping him in that for around 1.5 month or 2 months when interviewing me but then this morning he sounded like 3full months LOL! and i told him i would prefer to do some NORMAL audit jobs haha...i have a feeling that i wont learn much from this internship...I SAID DOWAN INTERN D DE LA! WTF!
now i start to regret d =( for choosing this company..

DATA ENTERING is all i did today!nothing much to say about..but i think it is a good way to pass time quickly hahaha!
ok bb for today...wish me luck in working with mr cerewet boss!

Feb 7, 2011

Internship day 1


I finally experienced the REAL feeling of monday blue..after soo many days of sleeping around 2am before and during CNY, or rather, after soo many days of waking up at 10am+++ , it felt soooo heavy to wake up this morning. And last night there was chelsea vs liverpool from 12am to 2am, was soo tempted to watch!! T.T

ok fine, managed to reach there at 8.10 (thanks daddy), and i notice there isn't any light or i should say, the lights were not working in the lift, meaning, u gotta be in the lift in total darkness for at least, 10 seconds until it reaches 5th floor, which the company i'm working for is situated.

i walked thru and fro in front of the lift, and finally i saw someone coming out from the lift wakakka!it was a worker carrying things, so i guess the lift should be fine. After praying, i went into the lift LOL! imagine the doors closing and i'm in there with my back facing outside, saying buhbye to the last shred of light i can see while trying to act cool hahaha what am i typing??!!
there was a girl down there too this morning. From her expression and gesture, i guessed she was new there too. (she was standing in front of the lift wondering what to do as well!) But i wasn't sure whether we'll be colleagues cz there are many offices in that building!

Boss came in at 9.45 almost 10. The very first thing he asked me to do was > plug in d hard disk into one of the computer -.-"""""""""
lucky me for doing that be4 otherwise sure let him bommmm and i heard from other colleagues that him and his wife are NOT easy to work with lol...let's see when i'll get my first bom! x.x

1. plug in hard disk
2. install new OS thru pendrive -.-
3. Find out the names of computers in d office -.-""!!!

that's all for today ahahaha installing part took almost half day

i decided to jot down what i did/learned from this internship as much as possible here (can update my blog at the same time xD) really bb CNY d la T.T

p/s 忽然有种想和你chat的感觉,不知你是否也有同感?=D