Jun 15, 2008


is a memorable day....and wth(what the hardware) day x.x

first of, went to federal hotel in the morning for anugerah cemerlang held by kasturi tuition centre..in short,went there to get money xP
reached there just on time i suppose...
the ballroom was full of ppl i couldn't see any empty seats
, but den i saw someone i know (i suppose that someone know me as well gua)standing there...so went up to "the ppl" and ask him where should we sit considering he arrived before me...and that ppl was like *point to his left and say : ur frens are there* and that was all he did as a reply @.@ THAT WAS ALL HE DID AS A REPLY TO SOMEONE HE KNOWS? perhaps that's his style but...i jz couldn't accept that i was treated that way lol xD call me perasan or whatsoever but for me, for me i WONT react as wat that fella did towards someone i know......

met yee hoo before leaving and tell u what...yee hoo is MUCH MORE A LOT DEFINITELY NO DOUBTS UNDENIABLE 1000000 TIMES MORE POLITE THAN THAT FELLA(trying my very best not to "attack ppl from behind")...maybe due to the fact that we both are "sei dong" gua haha! u just got a lot to chat with when ur with ur sei dong....

went for d ASEAN scholarship test after that...and according to juh yan whom i met there, she said ppl like jeff, nelly, yee jie, etc. attended this test last yr and i was like o.O when she said even them also kenot get pass the test for the interview omg....which means most probably i would get gg-ed also lol...xD

and the worst part came here.."ALI" called several times but i missed his calls...only managed to call him back at night after coming back from dinner...and ALI, who is one of my course mate, said that he cant bear the pressure anymore and decided to withdraw from the course.........................................................................................OMG!!!!!!....knew that it was useless to try to persuade that ALI who doesn't share much or discuss him problems with us...so wishing him luck and all the best was the only thing i could think of that moment...haihz...y la mr. ALI ...how can u say withdraw den withdraw leaving us behind ????......sigh...would surely miss your sohainess and stupid jokes....no joke i tell u...and there will be no one pulling ur sleeve asking u to go toilet with him ANYMORE....T.T hope u change ur mind le k?pls...? we will always be there to help u out with any of ur probs T.T

*mr. ALI said he's gonna study at kasturi's college if i'm not mistaken...hopefully IF he ever study there, he won't meet those stupid ppl who giv u stupid reactions ......
one more sei dong lost .......haihz.........T.T

Jun 11, 2008

Birthdays ^^

erm nowadays quite busy ler that's y cant blog much...samo nothing much to blog >.< but today's a special day so must blog xP

so we will start with some wishes to the birthday boys and girl haha!
TO KAH ERN , CHEW(VICTOR), AND ZAKRY : HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! lol 3 ppl with the same birthday in the same college haha xD was quite shocked back when chew told us that one of his course mate has the same birth date as him..i mean din really expect it lar... cuz chew and zakry are like so different...though they are in the same course -.-"

so after they finished their last class of the day we went to a pizza outlet nearby and waited for our "boss" of the day to order xD joke a lot throughout the meal and Eddy(another course mate) did + said some really funny stuff omg @.@ u know although he cant really understand or speak chinese ho, sometimes he can just say something funny all of a sudden and make everyone laugh like there is no tomorow...imagine when someone is telling about a girl who is very "open minded" and suddenly he say:"so remember next time nonit paiseh when ur with her" O.o 1 sec of silence is casted on every member around the table, where u hear a crazy laugh broke out after the spell is over

here are the pics we took before going back
from left : Eddy, Songher, Miow, Biiang, Disheng, Jason, Man Chun, Henry(grey shirt)
sitting and hugging each other = chew, zakry

on the way back to home hor...almost went to holland cuz dono how to go out from that place
den dono how we turn here and there reach ampang d >.<

p/s: how u celebrate ah birthday girl?got receive present till hand soft ar? xP