Oct 3, 2009

Happy Mooncake Festival~

Happy mooncake festival peeps ^.^

Hehe...yesterday's dinner was very "grand" haha! Normally mum will cook like 3 dishes for dinner but last night got around like 6 dishes wakakaka!! got chicken and duck, vegetables, soup and yong-taufu *saliva dripping* eat until almost cannot move xD
but my youngest brother said he was like eating chicken rice only cz he doesn't like to eat duck lol!
-.-" dai sei who ask him so picky in eating.

There's a proverb linked with mooncake festival which means something like when the moon is round(the moon is round on this day), family members also gatther together. lol bad translation xD anyway, i listened to mum's advice and stayed at home yesterday instead of going to play badminton. i-dono-larh but as i grow, i seem like looking forward to be in touch with my family more. Perhaps this is due to the fact that i didn't really have time to have a proper dinner with my family since i started to work at night T.T Therefore, appreciate ur moments with ur family and don complain that ur parents are very annoying haha! u know who i am referring to if ur reading this!

Anyway, the tuition job really taught me a lot of things. One of the most significant lesson is that money isn't easy to be earned, really. Try working and u'll know what i mean :D One of the student brought candles into the class and told me that 2 packs of candles won't be enough for him tonight swt...

Okay enough of working stuff. I just realized that I've visited Neway thrice within 3 weeks, what a loyal customer I am! -.-" The second time was an unpredicted one and 3 ppl ended up in the karaoke room.

Hmmm, did a quiz in fb quite some time ago but i quite agree with its answer. It says "the one u love the most usually isn't ur lover" Fuiyoh pinpoint accuracy and inch perfect description lol! I think it's quite true, at least for me xD ask urself whether this applies to u or not. When i say ask urself, i mean ask ur real self, close ur eyes and see who's image do u see first haha! OK, so this is a test, after u finish doing the test mentioned above, type the name of the person u see in the cbox ya wakakakakkak!! lol >.<"

Classes in college are gonna resume tomorrow T.T still very lazy lerrrrrrrrrr.....still feel like zzzzzzzzzzzz lerrrrrrrrrrrrr...........wish me luck in my final semester kay :D
Goodluck Biiang!

Oct 1, 2009


"fast is good, like that only can quickly erase the pain of not ......."

recently one of my friends told me this...and perhaps he's correct.
the fast in the sentence is meant for doing something else fast, instead of delaying it..
yeayea i think he's got his point there lol

i dono larh...but sometimes this fren of mine is capable of saying something quite useful and make sense...and i dono larh i feel comfortable hanging out with him...
i dono larh but another fren of mine is just too different from us
and fren C pula tend to be very busy all the time
fren D pula got some problem with his head lol!

and i dono larh what am i writing...

saw this line in a tv drama and i dono larh i like it very much and have made it my principle in life:

I think the meaning is obvious from the words but anyhow, here's what it means...
it means don be afraid to lose when we are trying to achieve something or being challenged to something...just go on and do it if u want and u feel like doing it. However in the process of achieving that something, the objective should be achieved through a...legal way..i mean..we must win it in a correct way, instead of through cheats, collusion(learnt from Auditing xD), or foul play or watever.

so that we will 问心无愧 and not 于心有愧 like eason chan xDxD

i dono larh mayb cz its holiday now so crapping a lot...till then..see ya =)

Lots of love

You're so cute, adorable and yet so naughty...
i miss u whenever i think about u...it was ur bday 3 days back and although i couldn't be by ur side to celebrate this lovely moment with u.........my heart will always be with u! (and i sms-ed ur mum to wish u for me xD)


yea though i couldn't see how u reacted after everyone sang bday song for u, i can imagine how ur chubby cute little face looked like ^.^
so again...happy birthday ah Bee!! haha! i know u still cant read but nvm hehe!
so meet ah By! (Baby's "by" i think >.<)

made by my cousin to eat the orange like this xD