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Jul 11, 2009

To Wing Ho, Kah Jun and Wooi Liang:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!hehe..if i'm not mistaken all of you guys are 19 d! haha time flies...T.T

hehe..updating this at shu pin's house...i think this is the only time available for me to update...although don really have anything to post about..
feeling bored...lolx...haihz...dono how to express myself here..speechless la perhaps i can call it...and some cb just don feel like talking to them...haha.. and dono y some cb is/are so f-kiiiiiiing busy-body..take care of urself 1st la sorry to say...

will try to update some pics from shu pin's house when i got it from KK..btw, his house is nice!decorated decently hehe =) thx for inviting us to go stay overnite!

next saturday going to a japanese event with my class rep from japan haha xD
next next saturday have to go back college for coursework in the morning, after that mayb celebrating one of our fren's birthday..another saturday gone..
in between that going to have a class gathering on 20th...all of these are sandwiched in tuitions from monday to friday nights T.T

*stop ur fking arse stupid attitude pls..i beg u..

Jul 2, 2009

Trans-formers 2

Had this small outing at leisure mall on tuesday to catch the movie Transformers 2 since miow was so eager to watch...anyway the movie was great...
wah tell u wat...the cars in the movie are NICE!! damn sporty and sexy...i'm gonna buy them and wait for U, U and U outside ur house!!!!!
hehe..4 guys went only and the next day mrlongmc was asking y din ajak him -.-" (purposely wan!)
den got one ZLD went watch the same show in pavillion wakakkaka...RM12 for one ticket compared to rm 6 at Leisure mall...xD
now u know why he is entitled mr ZLD!!!!

okay finish the serious thing.... i lost my pencilcase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
T.T anyone finds a black pencilcase with no words or pictures outside please return it to me T.T

haihz....sad case...
but one thing, my at-least-5-years'-history mechanical pensil is still with me...
just on the day before my pencilcase went missing, i couldn't find that green mechanical pencil of mine..i even went around and ask my classmates whether did they take it accidentally cz i really like that pencil alot..although nowadays it cant "contribute" in examinations anymore >.<

Then, on that night where i was quite sure that i left my pensilcase somewhere in TAR College, setapak, KL, Msia, Earth, i found the cute little thing lying on my table...tears jumped out of my eyes uncontrollably because that was basically the only stationery i'm left with...

*sob* Think i'l have to buy new stationery again...T.T *sigh*
i miss u leh mr pencilcase........where the hell are u?!!??!?????!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?come out la please......
don transform into something and hide inside my bag........miss the days when we were together la mr pencilbox....if i'm given a chance now i'l surely hug u properly so that u wont leave me....and went missing!!