Dec 14, 2011

when will they ever learn

Trying to solve a problem of having too much currency by throwing more currency at it. Sound ironic to you, isn't it? It is surely ironic to me.

We don't need a rocket scientist or a brilliant economist to tell us that it'll NEVER work. When will they ever learn?

If this goes on, in 5 years time (or less), we may witness a DEPRESSION that nobody on planet earth has ever seen.

Dec 12, 2011

told you so

When will you wake up my friend?

What?!! You finally got it? Oh, bad...I knew you would still grind out 1-nils..AGRRHH!!!

Madrid 1-3 Barcelona

Barca deserved the win (despite Valdes essentially scoring an own goal)

Once again...please allow me to reiterate..I know I'm a bit cheong hei...hehe...

Barcelona play with class and most importantly a PHILOSOPHY for the game. When will all the big spenders wake up??? You may buy trophies with money...but you can't buy class and philosophy with them. You've gotta groom them from grassroot level...VIVA La Masia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even Barcelona B Team can put up a fight with Madrid or City any other day...they may not be as comfortable as their seniors...but they'll definitely give the boys a run for their money...

That's why I still respect Arsenal and Wenger for their firmness on a certain way football should be played...

but I still don't like Wenger's eyesight...haha

R.I.P. Socrates (hopefully Joga Bonito will still be with us in the future)