Feb 28, 2009

End Of Holidays..

College is resuming next week, on the 4th. What a nice date to start the 4th semester -.-
According to our timetable, there will be classes on wednesday, friday and saturdays...which ruined our saturdays!!luckilly this is a short sem which only last for 7 weeks....otherwise we would have to keep on waking up early in the morning just to attend 2 hours of tutorial every SATURDAY.
Besides, the timetable for this semester is also not really suitable for us to go bowling after class xD

Did not go lake club for badminton today cz there is no transport!!
Biiang Huei :" Kor, daddy sent ur car to see doctor isit?"
Biiang Sheng :" -.-" ...yalo got serious illness ma."
And finally mum allow me to drive her car, she asked me whether wana drive my bro out anot haha...but still not use to its braking system, too sensitive i would say compared to proton saga xD

"Saturday Lake Club Teenager Team" 's manager called and urged me to pay him the money for making the team shirt...lol...but..dono wana buy anot cuz i already have a lot le...can ah can ah?? samo i think i will wear it at no where else other than lake club >.< but the GDD semangat is still flowing in my blood and veins!!!so probably i will GDD lar.....RM 45 gone...T.T why this word-typing thing in blogger is just like soooooooooooooooo caca*ed?!!??!??
everytime after i typed it will delete part of them on itself!! mdjb

Holiday is ending sooooooon le, happy moments pass by so fast just like the saying goes
快乐的时光过得特别快, 又是时候讲拜拜!

p/s Mr. Loo D said wana dissolve partnership wo...den shengzhais will be changed to shengzhai >.<

Feb 20, 2009

Have you experienced the feeling of having your vehicle stranded on the road side? yes i've experienced that...and the reason to that was----my car ran out of petrol -.-"

i know this sounds funny..hahahahahaha so lets laugh >.< but actually it was quite funny xD
I would like to clarify something, this was the 1st time my car ran out of petrol when i'm on the road, alone, not with my parents... not like wat songher said "don worry this is not the first time d" xD although there was this historical FIRST TIME but that was right in front of my house and it happened cz we din know that the petrol meter was not working properly!!

So, went to take a taxi to petrol station, fill up the petrol bottle and go back to "refill" the dried up petrol tank lolx...made me and song sweat a lot! imagine how much u sweat when u're driving under the heat of the sun around 12 in the noon, den suddenly ur car engine stop functioning, and ur so nervous! (don forget the air-conditioner stops funtioning as well)

After everything is fixed, off we headed to leisure mall...and erm...walk around lol...with miow and kk...go into watson to "test" their perfume oso xD

p/s shengko is suggesting for a ts trip!!

Feb 17, 2009

Valentine's day

so these are the people whom i spent my valentine's day with :
night time lo...the romantic part xD

was trying to take a pic with someone cz wei quan told me the texture
of my face abit different >.<
end up everyone stormed in front of the cameraman
(from left :songher, miow, you shen, disheng, phang, wei quan, me
yee hoo, jun hao)

yee hoo was injured dat's y he sat at the dragon's chair (龙椅),
so i think he'll be doubtful for next...AC Milan's match?
*all 9 here are available, except for 2*
wan me reveal the answer ar? wakakakak xD

(From right: injured Arsenal star, injured AC Milan star
fully fit ball-picking boy at the Emirates stadium)
i can recognize him!! xP

p/s the hall was exceptionally full on that day...so i think there are a lot of bachelors lol

this was during new yr ops >.<

some pictures taken during CNY at my uncle's house
his doggy

his fishy and...

my auntie!! hahahahahaha u got it right!! xP

a short filming section with doggy ^.^

Feb 12, 2009

4D3N at Sungai Long

First of all, it's at sungai long ( not sungai wang ) cuz i almost type sungai wang in the title above xD
so as usual...our CAMP in sungai wang is at Mr. Ng Kah Wai's house (i'll write his address instead if i know wakakakka)

Lots of things happened during these 4 days...from storming his house to "storming" in our own means, from playing mah jong to singing karaoke, and from playing black jack to poker/pair, and last but not least from EARLY KICK OFF to me getting injured and became a major doubt for next arsenal match lol xP ignore the last sentence ><

One thing i was supprised at, i actually stayed in the karaoke room all the way from 3pm-8pm...of cuz with others la i'm not that crazy...but most of the time only disheng and i was singing...others joined in once in a while when they passed by or when they were summoned through mike (kah wai's parents weren't around so u know...mike is a very useful tool when u are communicating with people in other rooms) haihz..pure swt-ness...

Speaking about gambling.....hehe yea we did gamble...but this year we played poker or pair whichever u call it....

JOKE OF THE DAY : usually only the "familiar faces" (which we called ourselves) play poker
familiar faces = jun hao, chew, shu pin, darren biiang
whenever we sat down and wanted to start, there must be someone between the familiar faces asking :"again these familiar faces ar?" LOL...that was funny...u just cant imagine the situation...

according to chew : poker is something with low risk high return
for shu pin : high risk high return
jun hao : high risk high return
me : high risk high return
miow : high risk no return -.-"

that's wat we got after discussing among ourselves xD

EARLY KICK OFF : got myself injured in right foot...toe injury, i think need some surgery and will be out for at least 2 months....by the time i come back the season almost end d...haihz.... xD
ignore this.....lol

so...today is the day....thursday, 12th FEB 2009, Mr. Kah Wai is departing to australia for his studies....all the best to u and hopefully u still recognize us the next time we see u =)
and again.. thx for everything and we really do appreciate it ^.^

arranged by dancing lions at kah wai's dad's office
can u see through the words betwee the kamS? xD

somebody took my pic curi-curi-ly in the morning (we call it morning even though it's almost 12pm)

i found out and is trying to shock the fella to death keke!

since it's songher so i forgive him la...notice the yellow
colour towel guy haiz...tsk tsk tsk xP

Feb 5, 2009

5th of FEB

HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY DISHENG!!!!(the one who is more handsome xD)

Christiano Ronaldo: HAPPY 24TH B'DAY~

Carlos Tevez: Happy 25th B'Day~

so proud of my partner(limited liability, with profit sharing ratio of 1:10, subject to tax rate and revaluation of non-current assets and goodwill in 6months' time) for having the same birthdate with them ^.^

Australian Open '09 final:


I supported federer wan lo...sob sob...nadal still young that's y can run here run there to chase the ball...federer depends on his skills wan lo .... nonit rush here and there wan xD xD
his backhand shots...FUIYO!!! so damn nice and yeng and yao yeng and si beh yeng!! OMG @.@
Try to notice the other tennis players and u'll know why he's so special and the reason he stayed the top ranked world men tennis player for a record of dono how many weeks, 240+ weeks if i'm not mistaken....
one more thing, the nadal a...NIAN JI XIAO XIAO (means at an age of so young) always go pull his but* haha lol nvm ignore wat i said >.<

tsk tsk tsk....Grand Prix champ got 1 million autralion dollar @.@ not bad...football too rough d..u can break your leg anytime on pitch haha...so, CHOOSE TENNIS, CHOOSE FEDERER AND CHOOSE NIKE LOL? who wants to START TRAINING TENNIS WITH ME? XD

家有喜事 2009

GO watch this movie!!!besides very funny(that's wat they intended to do) there's leng lui too!haha!! very cute in the show..hehe..

The first time i watch a movie with my parents (this year xP)
some scenes from the movie...

Seriously the girl very cute lo...no joke...go watch and u'll know xDxD

by the way there's a post under the DIEGO DIEGO post...i wrote that halfway on the 23rd jan so it appears under the DIEGO post..i very rajin wan xD
erm..is there anyway to move the post or arrange their orders as we like??