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Mar 28, 2008

Blood Donation

Went to donate blood the day before yesterday xD
i drag miow together with me haha cuz felt abit miow terpaksa go along wakakakka!!! but he benefited from there also ho?!? one female flies chatted with him while his blood is being "sent" to a bag by the few cm thick needle @.@

It took us about an hour to finish everything and walk out of the donation hall ALIVE LOL....i was asked by one of the guy there :"do you want to leave any message?" and that was right before i actually go to the place where they poke a thick needle into your hand and start 'sucking' your blood -.-" scared the hell out of me as if something would happen T.T which of course din happen la xD

anyway...the other 2 members of KYGT did not KIAM rite haha!xP miow mentioned in his blog, the person in charge was shu-ing those 2 "flies" who accidentally 'bumped' into the hall with their bag still on their back swt....then the person told them to go out and put their bag aside before entering....when they came back later, kena shu-ed again after the person knew they are not donating lol
One fly underage n another underweight" quoted from miow...(din know u got good imaginations -.-")
the 2 kind KYGTs who was donating their blood xP
guess who was holding the cam?)

was 15 minutes late for Hubungan Etnik class after that...the human told us around 30 minutes but it stretched to an hour....luckily teacher did not scold us :S
p/s i still wonder what's the purpose of that guy who asked me whether wana leave message..?is there any risk when you donate your blood ar? =X


Open Day 2

Today 28 March 2008, the KYGT members wanted a another try on the TARC OPEN DAY trick which actually the guards don't give a shit on the previous occasions mainly because they're tired of 'halauing' the illegal cars entering cuz nobody in the campus actually gives a shit except for a few "good students" aka the KYGT members and ALSO which FGGT members failed to comply.
*FGGT = Fan Gau Guan Tun aka Sleeping Member

Masa - 7am something
Tempat - TARC Main Gate
Pengawal - Wantan aka Dumpling
*most important one* TARC Open Day - 9am to 4pm or 5pm i think

Okay here goes,

Driver: Open Day?!
Guard: (tengok sini, tengok sana ke dalam kereta kami) Erm...maaf??
Driver: Open Day.
Guard: (masih 'beh' dalam kereta tak tau apa dia mau *swt*) Open Day belum buka. (proceeded by 'beh'ring into the car summore)
Driver: (as for this you'll hafta ask the driver himself cuz i din really hear wat he told the guard)
Guard: (i supposed she said something like 'get your filthy arse outta here)
Driver: (looked amazed by how well the wantan guard is aware of the time) Harr...u ada problem kah? U punya jam ada problem kah?? nola...nola..hehe...the problem i add one...

then...our driver drove in straight away. FUIYOHH!! so 'yong' so 'geng' man!!! Ignoring the guard.
then he took a 180◦ turn FUIYOHH!! so 'yeng' this what i watched in Jay Chou's Initial D.
then we went straight out!
then i asked what's all with the drifting and all and we're headed towards the exit!!? OMFG!!!
then he dunno said wat'll hafta ask the 司机本人 again...haha xD

Okay, finished with all the craps...
MORAL of the day is...NEVER TRY TO TRICK WANTAN GUARD OF TARC OF LETTING YOU INTO THE CAMPUS BY ANY MEANS cuz...they're very good at time management...good job guys!! keep it up! no wonder after all these years you guys are still 'pengawals'...ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU'RE NOT SURE OF THE TIME.
(if duno wat this post is about it's related to the saman post and please refer to biiang's 人生最高! too

9am Open Day...8am already want to enter thru Open Day...very clever...really.成功人士™


Mar 25, 2008

omgholy holygopoly!!!! really can't stand my mum...was filling in the scholarship application form when she nag and nag and nag and nag lik wth....=.=" samo kept asking me to do it faster...FASTER!!!come on la...even me this write very fast (lol) person also cannot fill up the 6 pages forms in minutes la..IN FEW MINUTES U KNOW!!!SHE'S ASKING FOR LESS THAN 30 MINUTES PUNYA MINUTE!!!!!ARGH!!!! including i/c & birth cert all those u know...T.T haihz...what to do...who ask me to PROCRASTINATE like wtf!!! it's my fault...i know it is........ knew about the scholarship weeks ago but did not pay attention to it until like this lo!!! until the night before the dateline only then u care to fill it up....MDJB to urself LIM BIIANG SHENG!!!!!!!!
....anyway...shu pin called up jznow and got to know that tomorrow is his ultimate SPM day!!ops i mean his driving test day hehe... good luck siu peng!!!GAMBATEH!!! :) (i'm wishing u on behalf of swee also xD)


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Mar 23, 2008


Due to sifu song's delay in sending me the pics, this post has to be postponed...since last friday...
hehe but nvm ur forgiven (sifu ma xD)

there was this Business Statistics coursework test last friday...which was the real reason why everyone went to college jz for the 2hours "lecture".
*When we reach the college main entrance, decided to drive in cuz too lazy to walk*

Guard : Yes?
ME : Erm, open day!
Guard : ok (with dono wat facial expression, maybe he knows wat we were thinking XD )
Guard : Jalan terus saja...
ME : Okok TQ!!

LOL everyone was laughing like mad after the window was shut..after all dat was our DEBUT to drive into the college without sticker =.='

then the test was...QUITE easy..our KYGT members generally require less than 5 marks to at least pass the hopefully mr. shu wai tong doesnt see this otherwise he would have set the test harder next time XD headed to time square and had lunch there before we went for bowling...

Taught of many things at the bowling place...shu pin, yee hoo and i used to come here every friday last yr(after skul of course..we are good students!! at least i am la xP*cough cough*) we would play 2 games of bowling before heading to PTM to attend add math classes...when SPM was near we agreed to stop haha!!told ya we were GOOOOOOOD students xD
sigh...time really flies man......................................................................... had not BOWL since then...and even till now we do not have the chance to bowl together T.T

anyway, the games with kygt members were fun!!we had miow to laugh at whenever he does his weird weird post after he throw the ball wakakakkaka!!!DAMN FUNNY U KNOE!!and Edison aka Shengko was the name we entered for disheng and the screen showed "EAS" which we called it E.A. Sport lol!!try to read it out urself with the tone u can normally hear before u play some sports game on PS...though i'm not sure whether they produce any bowling game xD
and i created a new 人生最高 for myself!!previously it was 162 and now it's 180!! =)

one more chance....

and i screwed it up xD

3rd game GG liao haha


Mar 19, 2008


i'm here to do some declaration about the post below...the summon mentioned in the post is actually summon = SAMAN

u know SAMAN??those given by traffic police when u simply park ur car or u speed or u don fasten ur safety belt etc.. (or even when they are tooooo free and simply put one piece of it under ur wiper)some people 'dono' wat's summon and 'cant understand' wat is posted below xD there u go..


Mar 14, 2008

summon -why am I not studying in Penang-

4 KYGT gang members has just got 3 summons in the period of 3 months in TARC..ohmyholy...oligopoly!!!

Those admin fellas don't wanna give us the parking, we have to wait till April to ONLY submit the bloody application form..GOD!! I can't really think of what's gonna happen in the next few weeks...

Everyday routine:
first task: find a parking (which is an almost impossible me, even 12As students will find it difficult)
second task: moan..and moan...and moan some more...and became MOANRINHO!!! congrats...
final task: late for class (we even 干脆 skipped the class...malu to enter, so many eyes looking at you)
And then moan some more...till everyone sien already, then one of them suggest to reach earlier to simply complete 'first task' to halt the following ones...
But it'll be the parking means NO!!! So stop dreaming...people!!!

And ohya...Mr. 21As (can't remember that bloke's name..hehe) yaya...i noe..i noe...u broke the most As(s) record..think you're bloody clever..ehh?? Then find a parking for me...nah...............soh t*t: take that la...betcha can never find one...and ya, no one in the country is giving a flying rat's ass bout your t*t result and your please you papers...stop publishing some fella with 'n' number of As and try to make use of the columns to actually bring some truely important news to the people (you people are wasting trees, shame on you..go GREEN your t*t la)

.Lim Guan Eng.SOS.

Okay...will try to put up the summon slips here...when SIFU SONG sends us the photo proof from his mobile.



Mar 11, 2008

SPM results...

It's 11 march today...and tomorrow will be...?lol wat a stupid question..X.X
of course tomorrow will be 12th la..even jumper also cannot jump to some other dates lo XD Walau i'm scared leh!SPM result slip will be in my hand in about..12++ hours? lol HOPEFULLY there will be lots & lots of A1 la haha!i think.. 12 should be enough *cough cough* XP

ok la have to stop dreaming though i like to day dream. XD According to our MR. miow a.k.a. KYGT - General "if you aim lower, than u will be happier and wont be disappointed...that much"
Therefore. taking our general's advice, i will aim for...7?okay okay i'll make it 8 XD
so...wish me luck!! and of course.. GOOD LUCK people!! =)
not to forget my like-to-sleep-blur-chimpanzee his favourite-disciple-always TB-MDJB co-blogger disheng (edison), GOOD LUCK AND GAMBATEH!! ^^


Mar 10, 2008

quick update

It's 11.54am now
There's an IA(acc) test on 12.oopm
Now currently at the CITC(CC) of TAR
Updating post
12.00 got test
We're gonna be late
The 2 fella beside me...SIFU SONG and BIIANG keep on hurrying me *swt*


Mar 7, 2008

kennysia says...

According to the 100% accurate Who-To-Vote-This-Election Decision Generator™, I am voting for...


Who Should You Vote For This Election?

if only i can vote lol

debut post!!! II

YEP!!! I started on this very day, 07 March 2008 (just a day before the general elections..what a That Biiang and Blog Sifu aka Song suggested for us - the shengzhais- to make a blog of our own. We agreed. Still very alien to the blogging world (i like reading ppl's blog more lorr..haha). That Biiang and Sifu arr...really can't stand them larr...liddat that make fun of his disciple and partner...ohmyholy!!!

i'm biiang
you can call me lengchai biiang
but i prefer people to call me biiang biiang
(my co-blogger biiang )

Okay..let me kick start our blog with a thanks to our SIFU SONG and my co-blogger BIIANG.


Mar 6, 2008

debut post!!!

OKAY so this will be my debut post!!!wakakakaka!!

we were in the CC of TARC when disheng and i decided to start a blog together..and we have song the sifu to guide us since we never own a blog before this...thx ya sifu!!

I'm still looking for a pic to let u ppl see the 'shengchais' of this blog XD so be patient k!!

for the moment let me introduce my partner of this blog!! (disheng obviously wakakaka)

i found his pic accidentally and decided to upload his 1st before i put up mine xD