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Mar 16, 2009


Mar 14, 2009


hehe sorry was quite busy these only manage to post about the stay at our friend's house now...

so it was 9/3/09, an ordinary monday..but an extraordinary one for those of us going to his house xD reach wangsa maju at almost evening, then straight away went meet them at V2 =_=
storm > eat > storm> eat > sleep was all we did for the night lol...cant believe i actually done that >.<
Do visit the blog of man chun and songher and miow for a detailed report xD

but the most funny thing happened in a sushi king outlet at jusco setiawangsa..the cashier kept on asking us to order more u know....under pressure, we succumb to her kacau-ness, and ordered a few more packets of sushi to be brought back to john's house for supper! haha!
and apparently the lady made a mistake and she only charged us the price of one sushi't laugh!! xD
so it was just RM10.25 for us to buy all these =.="

courtesy of me for being lengchai which resulted in the cashier's mistake xDxD
(hopefully she doesn't found our blog lol)

Thank you john for inviting us!! =)
Thank you for inviting us even though ur life is at risk haha xD