Jul 16, 2010

Cristiano Ronaldo: God sent me here to teach people how to play football.

Lionel Messi: I didn't send anyone.

Jul 15, 2010

New ManUtd kit 2010-2011

think they'll win the league due to over-laughing when their oppponents sees this

Barcelona secures £125m loan

What's happening to football these days I wonder...

First you have a FLOP that's worth 80m pounds...yep...he's a flop...look at Madrid. But boy, he sure did score the cheekiest goal in this world cup.

Then THIS...Barca taking out a 125m pounds loan deal because of cash-flow problems. They seems to have a hard time paying players and their staff.

THEN WHY THE HELL THEY BOUGHT IBRAHIMOVIC FOR 40m + SAMMY ETO'O (20m according Barca) + HLEB LOAN DEAL (Hleb easily worth 10+ m) = 60m (I didn't add Hleb cuz it's a loan deal)

I just don't understand. And I think Eto'o was worth 40+ m. 20m is simply unjustifiable. I know, I know..Barca wanted to get rid of him so desperately...but that doesn't mean he's valued at 20m!?? And he was the key to Barca's victory in both their Champions League final. If it ain't him, Barca may not win em'. And what was Ibrahimovic against Inter Milan over the two legs? He looked like an overpriced Berbatov (go find replays if you don't believe).

Perhaps if they didn't acquire an AGEING Ibrahimovic's services and EVEN sold Eto'o (in his prime) for 1m (which is outrageous...even any football club manager that has a grudge on Eto'o will be more than thankful to want him by their side) they can save that 60m they paid Inter (Jose must be laughing maniacally when the deal went through) and have the decency to pay Iniesta and co. (Spain is practically made of Barcelona's men) and Messi too (now..now...stop crying...there's still Brazil 2014) and Guardiola.

Although there's no proof, but I suspect there was some kind of conspiracy in buying an ageing and lazy (yes...Berbatov...you make statements like "Tevez is a terrific worker, his work rate is second to none." an understatement). I suppose some fellows behind that FISHY transfer must've pocketed a few quid themselves out of that deal.

Barca going bankrupt is the last thing I want to see. Cuz Barca is playing beautiful football at the moment..unlike Holland..overturn their tradition..even Johan Cryuff said they stink.

Jul 12, 2010

rightly so

beautiful football / total football / free-flowing football / sexy football / joga bonito / barca style / "arsenal failed miserably to mimic barca" style / call it whatever you like

anti-football / catenaccio / defend, defend, defend, AND you-know-what already, then counter-attack
FAILED MISERABLY (which I'm so happy now)

Just you wait Mr. Mourinho, this WC final is just a preview, comes El Clasico there'll be no more lucky (Yaya Toure didn't hand the ball) Inter Milan break for you.
no Paul it's not because of you..they're simply the best team on the planet at the moment