May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers' Day! =)

ok i know i've been slacking again these days hehe........

anyway just wana wish every MAMAs i know a Happy mothers' day! yea i know being a mama isn't that easy afterall...though i will never understand how does pain does it feel to be giving birth to a child xD but just seeing and imagining it will make me sweat already..really..i mean, the real sweat which hangs on your temple...

I once saw a clip on how doctor and nurses help a mother give birth by cutting open the mama's stomach to get the me, if u ever see how the blood flows out and watever intestine-like organ etc, u really will love ur mama more T.T

As for my mum, i think she really suffered cz she gave birth to one two three of us LOL!
my LOL means Lots of Love! =3 hmmm, don wish to say much but one thing for sure....LOVE UR MAMA AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!
although sometimes they might be so-called unreasonable but watever they do, they are just trying to make us into a better person so reply them with =) always! hehe!