Nov 27, 2010


recently read alot of 'notes' in facebook and i found this phrase very nice! at least it rhymes =)
it says something like.....those things that we missed are always the best haha! sry for the poor translation xD
whole day stayed at home and did nothing...WTF LOL!

Nov 13, 2010

I was stuck in a freaking jam while on the way to college for coursework test..and yes i should have leave my house earlier..i tot of it but then i kept telling myself "one more ques, one more ques..."
that's the consequences of hugging the buddha's leg last minute lol!!consequences of procrastinating and not paying attention in class T.T

and yes i was late!! for 15 mins!! haihz..dahlah not very good in the subject..samo need to start late..guess my marks gonna be LOWWWW...very low i guess sigh!! the 'thing' that caused that jam was a lorry...a big truck blocking the middle lane of the highway -.-""" swt!! dono what to say la..msia HIGHWAYS are like this...sometimes even when there is a slight collision between 2 cars and even both the cars are moved to one side, still there will be a jam wth!! -.-"

anyway got not much time to think bout the lorry or the lorry driver, cz i was concentrating in mrr2 i think is fast d..samo not much of straight road..but there was a mercedez SLK even faster...u wink ur eyes once, it is already behind me...and den the next second it is already WAYYY in front of me...i noticed that white SLK while in the jam (easy to be noticed rite 2 doors super car) the passenger was a lady leh...quite pretty samo hahaha! wonder if they are couples or husband & wife..but i think most probably they're couples la..wonder the gal likes him or his money lol!! anyhow, i wana buy that kind of car too!i mean i'm so gonna buy it!! ^^

wah i notice i used "xD" once in this post..kind of record for me haha!pray for my screwed-up coursework T.T

p/s shall i flip a coin? >.<"