Oct 31, 2010

when i see that something, i teringat of you...it was like, immediately when i see that word, you came out of no where into my mind..
man like this cannot leh..jz feel like it will be unfair for the future her >.<
recently heard this song from one fm, it's an old song from lee hom but i like very much since i heard in mayb around form 1? forget d but then i know it is quite old song hehe..
"如果你 在寂寞的时刻, 却听见我这首歌,你眼眶是否会发热~
如果你 在快乐的时刻,却听见我这首歌,你心里是否会有一点 舍不得~"
if I am the 你 in the lyrics, my answer will be yes and yes hahahahaha!

Oct 24, 2010


Do guys face something like PMS as well? i was not having a good mood the whole day even until nowwww sigh!! T.T
one fren asked isit due to stress, emo, or missing somebody..to be frank, i think emo and stress stand quite some part..one more tiny portion is due to missing somebody gua..but i dono whether am i missing her anot...自己也搞不清楚。。但我承认我是一个做决定时犹豫不决的人。。。。是一个坏处!!也许是贪心吧,就连order食物时我也想多叫几样 >.< 算了吧你林彬森哈哈!