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Jun 14, 2009

Some jokes from my sunday badminton session with uncleS...(my dad included) xD

Uncle E :" Boy, tell u a joke..?"
Biiang Sheng :" okay hehe...
Uncle E : One day, a father asked his son, dear, do u know what's the difference between
confident and confidential?
Son : Dono daddy..
Daddy : okay it's like are my son right...i HAVE confident in this..and u see that fren of yours?He is also my son, but that is confidential

so now u know what's the difference between that 2 words d?

Uncle E :" Hey, come la next time we go massage."
UNcle L :" massage? ( thinking....)
Uncle E :" yes c''s 正经 wan (means legal..not those yellow massage)
Uncle L :" huh 正经 wan ar? DOWAN! :P


really speechless la these uncles haha! but sometimes it's fun playing with them...when they miss a shot..they'l start cursing...and their cursing has got high and low pitch wan >.<"

Hmmm...type this last nite but din manage to finish it....
just something to loosen my tight that's a good way and perhaps a very good place to relax myself after dealing with so much of idiot.......problems..

Jun 12, 2009

finally gone
a little sad though
once a great player
now a junk @%#*^&#@!#@$#% an £80 million junk!!! >.<
unless he changes, if he keep his current attitude..he'll be another galatico junk

now...time to find a replacement
hope old Fergie can find one..though I'm not very confident in this guy now..

Jun 11, 2009

Omg omg it's 11th of June!! who's birthday ar??!?!?!haha!

This victor chew woke up 12 in the morning and went dota last night..he sure thinks that he is immune to all kind of spells and attacks on his birthday lol! =.="
ok back to serious business...i owe someone a post :P

So she's the payable haha! xD
hmmmm....wat to say about you ar....i think we knew each other since form 1 or 2 ho? cant remember clearly o...
but one thing i will never forget is that u taught me how to use icq haha!tq teacher! xD
haihz..a lot of my 1st time happen on u la...>.<"
1st time icq...
1st time sms...
1st time sleep at 2 lol...not "those" kind of 1st time..

Looking at the koop tie u wearing in the picture...i think i wont be wearing that grey tie if u were not in there la hahahah!! xD
and yes sure you are someone that i can share my problems with =) never regret knowing u this good girl friend...haha female friend xD
*u will find urself laughing all the time talking to her (or at least u can hear her laughing all the time -.-")
Ehy!! i wonder if u remember what was the song that u sent to me when i 1st knew about GPRS, not song its a mono ringtone hehe...

hope u get watever u wan for ur bday!
ops i mean...hope u shine in whatever u do in the future! ^.^
Okay la...!thats all for this yr! next yr only continue haha!!
on Terminator Salvation

"Guy dies, finds himself resurrected, meets others, fights. That lasts for almost two hours." -Roger Ebert (world-renowned film critic)

I'm not trying to 泼冷水 or anything but I have 同感 with Mr. Ebert.

Yes, true indeed, on the VFX it's good. But the core of a movie is not just on superficial stuffs. It's the story that's the most important.

I don't know how to explain but I just can't "feel" the film.

It's just my personal opinion though.

Jun 10, 2009


RB = Red Box Karaoke!
RB in pavillion is good,very good indeed..
besides giving us the customers fine services, wat's important is that they charge reasonable price, if not the most reasonable xD
i wonder whether all RB are the same..if it is so, then i think their competitors should do something...otherwise no body would choose to go timesquare for a singing session anymore >.<"
(u know which company i'm referring)

so, Jay Sern was a good singer..most of the guys who went were shocked following his stunning acts lol...and some even requested to sing solo so that they won't be out-shouted xD
didn't go any restaurant to have lunch since we had it in the RB...outlet?

Watched "The Terminator" and since i don't really know the real story behind skynet and CONNOR, cant comment too much on the movie..anyway the visual and sound effects were execellent if u watch this show in the cinema..>.<
p/s there were LOTS of connorS who actually dota-ed with us

p/s TQ shu pin for the ride! the next turn we go out i shall drive u haha!=)

Jun 1, 2009

Priceless and......"Audit-ness"

Our Pricipal of Audit's lecturer taught us one important phrase
In God we trust, the rest we Audit

lol...and basically that's the only thing i learnt from her lecture -.-"
so due to new semester, i didn't really have time to update (lame reason xD)
but this is the time when your "partner" comes in handy =)
so assuming you read few paragraphs in every 2 days, i think the post below this can last you for at week? haha! so...see the good of having a partner for blogging? xP

summary of last week :
Fabregas was injured!! so damn unlucky...was walking over to the other side of court and just so suddenly my knee was knocked on the stupid leg of the chair $#^%*^(+
almost couldn't walk straight on the spot lol...
and wat's more..thumb was injured oso..scratched it accidentally T.T

wondering who's fabregas?