Nov 22, 2009

cunning old fox

I don't understand why everyone is talking about how he missed out on becoming the most complete player ever. Yes..yes..yes...I know he's won everything there is to be won in football. But I can't see him being a Robbie Fowler...just can't!

If you say Robbie with all those silverware under his name, miss out the chance of being the most complete player by handling that ball and be proud of it..then can say la..what a waste of chance on being the most complete player EVER!!!

I'll say Thierry Henry IS complete. He's the MOST COMPLETE PLAYER in every sense of cheating. (I still remember that quick free-kick you took, cunning old fox!)

And suprisingly...he's consoling Ireland and Aston Villa player Richard Dunne..

Like what Cantona said..he won't last 3 seconds if I'm Irish.

FIFA = Fair If Financially Advantageous (Fair Play my foot!)