Jan 29, 2009

diego diego diego

1998 World Cup 2nd Round - England vs Argentina

1986 World Cup Quaterfinal - England vs Argentina

Jan 28, 2009

one last guess b4 i post the answer la..

Q : Which 2 players (not English players) having the same first name and of same nationality which blew England's best chance of winning the world cup since 1966 apart?
Happy Chinese 牛 Year!

Jan 23, 2009


i know this is like outdated but..nvm xD
this leng chai is one of my favourite badminton player...besides his nice and neat net shots, he's handsome!!!
he said that these are the years where he is performing at a very good level and said he'll be continue playing for the next 2 yrs...good news for his fans!!! i think the badminton world will be ruled by Lin Dan, Chong Wei and Peter Gade for the coming years...show time for 3 of them =)

watched the korea open final between him and chong wei (before CNY, during the times i couldn't go online T.T) and this is his short interview after the prize giving ceremony
I dono wat the interviewer said in his last sentence, i think gade oso din get wat he say haha!

Not dead...yet xD

dead + rot blog??? no way for shengzhais.blogspot.com!!that's just not the correct term...so i officially declare that the correct statement should be "dead + rot without biiang aka darren"
(or u can say dead + rot if u depend on mr. LD)

haihz..the last post was on 5th dec 2008....2008!!!!looks like the year-ending post for this blog is ACCA!!!OMG....always come and come again... -.-"

a lot of things happened during the past 45 days...by the way, internet connection wasn't available in my new house until yesterday...thats how this sad case / tragedi happened T.T

i think the bye-bye-2008-and-my-list-of-wishes-for-2009 post isn't appropriate anymore for now..hehe...so..HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! lol...almost the same la..both got happy new year ma...will be going back hometown tomorrow so i don think can update any sooner before 30th..1 week wont rot la..usually things wont rot so fast wan >.< year =")">ACCA!!!

signing off,
Biiang Sheng.