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Aug 24, 2009

i guess i'll be abandoning this site for another few weeks as 5th Semester exam is approaching in 2 weeks' time T.T
so..see ya! xD i think it should be fine la.. no much ppl visit anyway :D
lastly...imagine ur in facebook.
Biiang Sheng Lim : is eager to see "events" that are coming up :D pls act me a good show.

Aug 18, 2009

OMG looks like i'd abandoned the blog for about one month and 7 days -.-"was too busy with college stuff and all...though saturdays and sundays should be the time where i update but basically every weekend also got things to do since shupin home's trip !!! haha xD

so here's the summary :P
11/7/09 overnight at shu pin's house

okay he forced me to pose like that ( see he so happy -.-")

den 19/7 suprise party at rujin's house
wanted to do my PA assign
ment that night
wan ler
Ms. Kah Ern really gave me a suprise by calling me last minute..
while i was watching E.U xD

Ohya watching drama is also part of the reason for abandoning here so long >.<"

den next weekend 25/7 Jason's birthday party pulak h
it was also CIMA "Origami Space-ship cannot fly" Game so we attended that game in the morning and after that went for his party :p

ok so the next weekend (1/8) i forgot wat i did d lol! think i was doing assignments gua..

8/8 went to yee jie's open house / farewell party hehe...met quite some secondary school frens there which we have not seen them for long time like songher disheng and shu pin xDXDXDXD ok i mean han lian ernest ken jamie may chong nellie and of cuz yee jie!!

sing K session haihz..............nowadays always sing K or dk O...
few days back it was a record-breaking dk O session -.-" i feel embarassed to say it here T.T
that's how the title came into my mind ~.~

Aug 14, 2009


I don't know how to put in words. But if you happen to watch her'll understand why she's Lin Dan's female equivalent. But she's still years to perfect her mature yet. But I believe she will be the next big thing (not so soon la..).