May 29, 2009

Barcelona's lesson...priceless

Mastercard? What Mastercard? It's Barcelona's lesson that's priceless.

Okay..where should I start..alright..let's begin with the so-called "the clash of two pro-football giants" as oppose to Pep Guardiola's anti-football rant at Chelsea..please note that I 强调 the word GIANT.

It's undeniable that both are giants in football but are MU really capable of playing the so-called free-flowing/attacking/flair/sexy/beautiful game(Pele) football or whatever you want to call it? I don't think so.

You know, when I first saw everyone getting so exicited when they see MU vs Barcelona..the first thing that got to their minds must be: Wow..two attacking-mided giants are playing in a final..this must be the most ideal often do you get to see two teams testing each teams' keeper every five minutes or so...with all the sleek passes and all...the one-twos followed up by a thru-ball and some magic from the feet of Messi..OMG this has got to be once in a lifetime's a CRIME to miss it (honestly, i watched the game around the 60th min like that). Some people have also compared this final to a World Cup final..which of course I quite agree some are just plain boring. E.g. 2002 World Cup final game when Brazil defeated Germany 2-0.

I shake my head on the instance for I know deep down it's not true..many fans overestimated MU's capability of playing free-flowing football on normal ocassions-let alone when pressed (which is what happened).

If talking on the so-called sexy football alone..I say MU is no better than Arsenal deep down from my heart. Yes, Arsenal often have the so-called over-elaboration syndrome when they try to attack not so directly but they can contain their opponents by forming a triangle or whatever (which is what Barcelona did) and even recover from losing possessions very quickly.

And if you want to say entertainment-wise, yup..sometimes Arsenal's over-elaboration are plain boring but MU is no better..nowadays, watching MU attack is something like Arsenal + Chelsea style..even Liverpool players play with more enthusiasm (please don't take the final league match into account where the Jamie vs Alvaro bout broke out..that game is DEAD boring xD)..other than the stupid elbow for Carles Puyol (which gained him a booking) and that not so well-timed tackle on Puyol I don't see much enthusiasm in him (btw, it's normal..everyone knows he only knows how to sulk and F together with his mates-Nani+Anderson and nohting else)...we all know Puyol's theatrics..there's no need to even care how many flips he had when van der Sar clipped him when Edwin threw himself to retrieve the ball..but btw, he flipped like Edwin ***** his leg.

But hey, if I really want to say who's the best attacking/free-flowing/flair/beautiful game/sexy football team's obvious isn't it..Barca the artisan..

And if people don't agree..there are stats to back them up..just take a look at the number of goals they scored to win the La Liga..then look at the CHAMPION OF many have they put in this season to actually win the Premier League..again..even Liverpool has done a better job as a so-called attacking-minded team than MU.

ENG's champion vs ESP's champion..what a joke..Barca's like playing against schoolkids..oh sorry, comparing MU with schoolkids is an insult to schoolchildren..

When I read theSun (before the game, it's a build-up for it) line written Anderson have a big job to do to deny Iniesta..OMG.."who's Anderson" I said when I saw that..and no surprise, he's subbed half-way thru..oh, even funnier...Tevez was brought on..I've said it..and I've said it a thousand times..Tevez is but a bull that sometimes gets lucky and scores a few..he's not creative and keep on losing possessions...and fortunately..he's leaving..and good luck to Liverpool if they ever buy him... vs Messi..again..from the papers and all..

Ronaldo's lazy (Shu Pin summore defend him in Song's chatbox), never defend (same here), not as enthusiastic as he was before, shoots blank, no more fancy footwork, not creative, only knows how to bang ***** along with his portuguese-speaking mates aka Nani, Anderson and the co...maybe the da SILVAs have joined the fray too..

Would you please kindly leave and join your Real? But if it's me..if really must go Spain..I'd choose least tak payah kena hantam 99 from Barca..but with the current attitude of his..I'm afraid he'll disrupt the current brilliant style of football they're playing..if he ever goes there that is..

Usain Bolt's gotta teach him how to run and not fall down..which I believe is useless..what's the use of won't earn him any praise or penalties..

At least please refine your theatrics la..I think in the near future if 郭晶晶 and 田亮 aka 亮晶晶 (but too tycoon is preferred xD) ever visit Manchester like Usain Bolt..they'll have to teach him how to dive properly..

Messi's hardworking, he runs for the team, he passes for the team, he scores for the team, he's got fancy footwork that throws the opponent off balance, good looking, although petite but with a good centre of gravity..if he ever falls he's not diving..cuz majority european players are big and know la..Argentinians..just take a look at the national'll get the idea..he's being thrown around by their sheer size (I still remember quite well how Liverpool held them off in a champions league match..bullying those short*** and grab the ball from them), and finally, he's a team player and not as arrogant as the little sulk.

Okay..time to talk on THE GREAT SIR ALEX..his tactics ah..don't wan't to say la..can be seen by our naked eye from watching the match..and not by listening to lauya pundtis after the game... they only talk talk talk..I also can see for myself la...

His team leh..even he himself also admit there are dinosaurs in the team..the aging Scholes who can't tackle properly and some more want to do it with both legs which usually leads to a straight red..Giggs can run..but of course because of his's hard to find a replacement..
And then there's our CAPTAIN, GARY ALEXANDER "THE GREAT" NEVILLE which is quite great indeed..he plays..I believe no more than 20% of a season...and he's still captain..if it's me..I'd retained Phil than his older brother..and make either Giggs or Rio least Giggs played more than him.

Anderson's crap

Park's the same too..I know, I know..even if the Asian market is huge and you don't wanna lose out doesn't mean you need to buy Dong Fangzhuo and loan him out..just to have as much share as possible in the Asian market..even Arsenal bought a Japanese that can score..if I'm not mistaken he scored against you know who ah? Guess who..MU.

Carrick is just so-so..not really a Lampard

Oh ya..your team did you justice Fletcherkid..even if you weren't suspended it makes no difference..maybe worse that's all..and he's crap
O'Shea...I just don't understand why Sir Alex the Great can't buy Miguel Monteiro (Portuguese)...I think he's briliiant..we don't have any decent RB..Neville's "outdated" and old..injury prone..Wes Brown is unrealiable..Rafael..he's not the best ball controller..he keeps on losing possession...he's ball control is comparable to Gabby Heinze's..luckily he left wonder Real's defend is liddat la..not very solid edy..still wan buy this guy..I laughed away when I read on reports saying he's heading to Madrid..

Berbatov..I don't know what the British press and MU fans have some grudge on him or what..I think he's's his first season after all..and his neat footwork and ball control is me at least..I know, I know..he's got a £30m price-tag slapped on him..but it's not in his powers to say how much the price should be..his price-tag doesn't reflect the returns on such an investment many will say..but if you wanna blame I say blame the Tot-tot-ham-hotshi*..I thnk Berbatov is first-class player..and if people wanna blame him for underperforming, how about looking at the the time Sir Alex has given him on the pitch to play..he's always seen being on the bench with Tevez..

Nani's another asset that did not receive the plaudits he deserves..again..just look at how much time was given to him on the pitch..I think even Macheda starts more than him..okay..I overexaggerated.

You're old Sir Alex..not can't use Anderson, Fletcher, O'Shea, Park, Carrick, Tevez and Dinosaurs to win trophies..these are all TAUFU heroes (Song like to us that word)
So beloved Sir Alex, take this as a priceless lesson and choose your players like Barcelona.

If Shearer says Newcastle need a major revamp of its squad..I think MU need a MUCH bigger one.

Oh ya..didn't mention much on Barca..if you think Man of the Match is Lionel Messi..


Messi just scored a sitter.

It's Iniesta. Barca's effective football of containing MU the whole night is coming from the whole team and mainly from the engine room..Iniesta and Xavi..and Eto'o too...his ball stop and the execution was what everyone said..we never recovered from that point onwards..

Right..they won it fair and square..they were the (MUCH) better doubt.

If you want to say the current Barcelona squad is the sexy football king..I have no arguments.

I'm sorry if I made you dizzy..which is unlikely..unless..of course you read all of this..nola..I think you stoppped after 1 you won't be reading what I'm writing now..hehe
Just wanna express my dissapointment and dissatisfaction on the policies and decisions of the manager of the club I support.

Lol...i think this is probably my longest post from before and will the longest ever..xD

Hey, thanks for reading..of course..if you did la..I know, I's long and messy and duno what's all this about..but hey, still thanks! for even looking at this piece of jumk for 1 minute..haha..oh, even to care for reading this minuscule line too..xD
Mastercard? What Mastercard? It's Barcelona's lesson that's priceless.

May 20, 2009

Hehe i din know zhou xun can play badminton wakakakka! xD



The badminton player is from Korea..jz felf like she looks like someone when i 1st saw her..
They look alike hor??haha!
saw her played in Sudirman Cup and when i started to notice her, she never play again in the competition...
i think the pictures above are her old more cute ady xD

haiz too bad...the China team la!!beat Korea 3-0 in final...her match is just after that lol T.T i was hoping that Korea doubles beat China doubles so women singles will be played!
that was during final

during semi-final :
Malaysia pula lost to Koread 0-3 =.="
was hoping KKK and Tan BH beat Korea doubles so can watch women singles!!haha but sadly that didn't happen T.T

so conclusion is: next time when badminton competition pay attention to when women singles would be played if dowana miss the chance to see her in action!xD

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May 17, 2009

Ur at the right blog

yes u did not type the url wrongly...xD

haha added a song and changed the template....for fun >.<
considering mrlongmc keep on changing his template, me as his sai lou must oso "you yang xue yang" la right?

What's more, the game i just added (night of 1000 zombies) just fit this template nicely!! omg so i dowana change oso cannot d..otherwise all those zombies jump out to find me lol!!
so..enjoy the game!!
don think it's easy ar...when you are at the later stages, those stupid things just keep coming out like there's no tomorrow!!!!!!%#%$^(%)&_)(&&*
so.....go try it out =)

and don forget about the pac man as well..haha!

yeayea results just came out...luckily got an A for basic i was like din really have time to study about it last semester...the text book was only being flipped through before the book still very VERY thing it still can be used during advanced diploma level..hopefully by the time the lecturer dont say this :" well i think the latest version will be better." -.-"

one more thing, stupid KUTU din turn up when we were at jonathan's house...swt la tat guy...his house is the nearest yet we did not see him the whole "journey"...

p/s listening to the song "piano" xD
p/s since i dono how to play piano so just listen to the song la..
p/s maybe next time will listen to the song "violin"
p/s or maybe "saxophone"
p/s guitar oso can......

如果爱我已不存在 我希望 有一段精彩 让回忆有所感慨~~
TQTQ! >.<
p/s wat are u doing....?

May 8, 2009

Answer for random question
"No light, send men"
"No men, use candle"

May 3, 2009



不过我看她应该是有男朋友了,或者甚至已经有老公了! T.T

可惜的是有些人就是就是没能做到这一点.. (举个例子,甚至在游戏里都做不到)
哈哈当然不要在这里讲人名 >.<"


May 1, 2009

Newcastle United ↑ or ↓

Newcastle United's now in the drop zone. But just 3 points away from safety.

I say they'll drop. Anyone says otherwise? Any takers? Odds 3/1

Bet stands till tomorrow (02 May 2009, Saturday).