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Oct 31, 2008


Instructions: 1. google image search with your answer, take a picture from the first page of results, do it with minimal words of explanation.
2. tag 5 people to do the same once you've finished answering every question.

1. the age you'll be on your next birthday.

2. a place you want to travel to

3. your favorite place
perfect holiday paradise @.@

4. your favorite food/drinks

5. your favorite pet
cute puppy

6. favorite color combination
teal blue

7. favorite clothing
Nike Dri Fit Running Shirt

8. your all time favorite song

9. favorite TV show
funny "dak dak dei"!!

10. first name of your significant other/crush
no idea xP

11. which town do you live in?
Kuala Lumpur

12. your screen name
Darren (that's the best looking pic i found)

13. your first job
Driver of my brothers T.T

14. your dream job
any job that's 100k sterling/week(can introduce me anytime xD)

15. one bad habit you have

16. worst fear
unable to find this sign when i couldn't hold any longer

17. thing you would like to do before you die
speed with this car till i crash into something??lol...

18. the first thing you'll buy if you get $ 1 million
hopefully it is below 1 mil...

Tagging : anyone who wants to do this tag =)

Oct 28, 2008

Exam results = ??

Got the results of my 2nd semester in TARC...
4A & 2A- (same as last semester)...i consider it as an okay results gua...
mr. victoria aka chew got 5A and 1A- !!! omg even better than our class rep lo!!
samo LC us say wat 1A and others all A- -.-"
as for my frens,some expected how their results are gonna look like,while some are not satisfied with what they got...

i think these results don't really matter that in..u won't get a higher pay with all the A's cheer up ppl!!!

hmmm...went for other group's OHR tutorial today...haihz....the lecturer banned us from joining other groups anymore le...T.T sad case...really sad case....

Andy passed his driving test and met up with his "primary school friend" at the test congrats....hehe for passing ur test and meeting her haha! xD

and Liverpool.....Alonso's deflected shot was enough to stop Chealsea from continuing their record of unbeaten home matches...fantastic reds!!(saying that for Rafalution xP)
u'll never walk alone....hopefully fantastic reds won't walk alone in the title

played singles with Wei Quan last saturday...lost both rounds le T.T haihz.....tons of mistakes especially at the net killed me...i found i was gasping for air faster than ever...and that was against someone who is younger than to train together with disheng when he's on his "fitness-improving" course haha!remember ajak me ah....

class rep aka soon kit message me saying that 1pm meet up and discuss our coursework project...1st sms...
2nd sms : "i think i wont reach in time la...buses and trains are very see ya in tutorial later"
3rd sms : "hey don feel like going group 4 tutorial la...their class so far...samo the lecture after that also very far..."

mr miow is busy nowadays......wanted to teach me kao lui during tutorial class.....
miow : got sms her anot?
biiang : nola...she oso dono me...
miow : aiya let me teach u how to kao lui la...
biiang : lai la (with man chun's emotion) u take out ur phone and type how u gonna sms a girl....(he doesn't know how to type using sony ericson hp...char sui xD)
miow : aiya i oso no to sms....
SPEECHLESS leh....don be CLD la...haha u know wat means CLD ho??
not bad words ah hehe...

man chun with his 24hours-standby-weapon saved us from bored-ness during lecture today...haha...and KK is a good trader when ur playing cards -.-"

so now i officially announce that the title of this post will be....................guess urself...haha put ur answer as the comment la...xD

Oct 8, 2008

My Little 猩猩(M0nkey perhaps)

since the theme of our blog here is 猩猩 (-.-") , we must have something related to it this song is specially dedicated to!!! wakakkakaka!!!


went to ts for bowling session yesterday....sadly, no WR was produced T.T
after 4 rounds mr edison still not satisfied wana play somemore...his style very YENG lo when throwing the damn yeng man!!u people must check it out!! xD call 0172831181 for bookings >.<

so got no choice lo only edison and i played 2 more games...the rest dowan play d -.-"
since only both of us playing, so got no choice again have to trash him lo since the rest all watching xDxD
MT was frustated when he became the longkang cleaner for TS Superbowl -.-"

p/s : my little bao bao was posted by mr. edison (he likes to see others' hairy leg?!?!?!? haha jkjk =D)

Oct 7, 2008

My Little (Bao Bao)

Bumped into this 'very special' Bao Chunlai while surfing the other day..hehe..cuz most of the time I usually see him in T-shirt and shorts

Wah..he should change job la..since he also not very successful with his current one...should be a model instead..xD

Budden now he cannot edy lorr..cuz after the 2008 Beijing Olympics..he gone..erm, cuckoo maybe?! He shaved his head bald..may be he wanna join the Shaolin to learn some kung fu so that he can be a real major contender in the game?? Aiyorr..what a waste man...should have used some shots more ma..perhaps next time go topless together with that shot above..haha :)

But bald also taking the anger of being a 二奶 whenever Lin Dan's alive on his hair also no point wan la...In the current China Masters, he lost to Sony Dwi Kuncoro..haiz..bald edy oso still lose..on home soil SUMMORE...haiz...

算了吧..hehe..whenever Lin Dan's still alive you'll never be the top man wan la...can never rid the 二奶命 wan why not try modelling or may be acting..hahahahaha OOooooooo look at those hairy legs....