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Sep 28, 2008

nostalgic (MU)

Man Utd 06/07

i miss you, Ole Solskjær..and i mean REALLY, REALLY miss you

and..i kind of missing louis saha too..hehe..he's a prolific forward..i mean it

thank you henrik helped us a lot

and THE BIGGEST MISS - SCHOLES - Xabi Alonso is a SISSY. This is an unbiased and true statement. Scholes missed his slap on that sissy's face last's a pity. Well, never mind, O'Shea won the game for you. Justice served.

And Ronnie or erm...Christy perhaps?? Please, please and PLEASE give your all this season..I know you'll be leaving any time now but for now, please judge me wrong by saying MU won't win the league this season. I know, I know, it's rather selfish of Sir Alexander the Great to bar your way while you're at your prime at 23 but please bear with us for at least one more season..but, hey, who asked you to sign a new four year deal, huh? You have to bear the consequneces man...if you don't want to see out your contracted years, at least stay for another year. I'll definitely be missing you, Ron. All the best with your new club.


Sep 25, 2008

Untitled dreams =P

YoYo!!!! long time no see! xD
just woke up and know wat..?i had a very nice dream haha!!!
these days dreamed a lot...does it indicate anything if one dream frequently???
i mean as in those dreams while u are sleeping....not day dream!!(i take action to realize my dreams ok =D)

So here it goes :
I'll start with the weird one first...had this few days ago & it's really weird....i dreamed that i was late for exam... -.-" omg right?!?!?! exam also over d lol...was rushing like mad to reach the examination hall and the funny thing was.. i saw most of the DAC3 ppl were late oso o!! haha!! and when i reach the hall ho...saw my primary school form teacher!!!!! and lastly...saw shu pin LOL!!!! i was like "wat on earth was happening jznow" in the next morning....

And here's the better one >.<
dreamed about timothy haha....the scene was like we're having class during secondary school....den a girl sits beside and she talks to me alot and i remember we chatted about ice-cream...dono how SHE(not the one sitting beside me...the special one! xP) was there also..den ho...den ho...aiya skip this part la very stupid part hehe!after dat ho...class finish d go home lo...saw HER still packing things but suddenly she catch up with me and ask me something o!!! omg!!!luckilly i did not wake up straight away due to over-excitement or over-happiness xDxD

"ke yi gei wo yi zhi x brand de ice-cream ma?"
(can give me one X brand's ice-cream?)
this is exactly wat SHE said in the dream lol...and chatted with her all the way until i woke up haha!!really unbelievable le...never expect myself to dream about HER but not only she came into my dream and even chatted with me @.@

Hopefully this dream can be realized sooner or later hehe!!

erm took this picture when i went to change the stupid lock of my car the other day...since the lock very stupidly cannot be locked to cure its stupidness, i had to use the ultimate weapon >> Ringgit Malaysia haha!
and ho...the LENG CHAI straight away came into my mind when i saw dat word in the banner!!! xDxD
i wonder how does the car alarm work =X

Sep 17, 2008

Say this out loud with me :

equals to = KKKC XDXDXDXD

Sep 10, 2008

might as well say ni*m* .....
just feel like saying one thing

kuma ur head.............................!!!!!!!!!!1