Dec 7, 2010

big sigh pls....and one biggest sigh pls!!!!

2)one morning, both parents were nagging me about the same thing...really wtf..and at that very moment, i can only think of one phrase to describe my feelings...and my life perhaps...FML!!! LOL! u really cant understand that stupid feeling, HATE it! mum alone nagggggging there is already killing enough, and the first thing dad said when we see each other for the first time that day he start nagggggggigggggg d...on THE thing mum jz finish nagging (and she went to drink water cz thirty nagggging)

3) FML

4) FML!!

by the way, WTF = welcome to facebook =)
5) i still think i owe you a sorry... sorryyy!

Nov 27, 2010


recently read alot of 'notes' in facebook and i found this phrase very nice! at least it rhymes =)
it says something like.....those things that we missed are always the best haha! sry for the poor translation xD
whole day stayed at home and did nothing...WTF LOL!

Nov 13, 2010

I was stuck in a freaking jam while on the way to college for coursework test..and yes i should have leave my house earlier..i tot of it but then i kept telling myself "one more ques, one more ques..."
that's the consequences of hugging the buddha's leg last minute lol!!consequences of procrastinating and not paying attention in class T.T

and yes i was late!! for 15 mins!! haihz..dahlah not very good in the subject..samo need to start late..guess my marks gonna be LOWWWW...very low i guess sigh!! the 'thing' that caused that jam was a lorry...a big truck blocking the middle lane of the highway -.-""" swt!! dono what to say la..msia HIGHWAYS are like this...sometimes even when there is a slight collision between 2 cars and even both the cars are moved to one side, still there will be a jam wth!! -.-"

anyway got not much time to think bout the lorry or the lorry driver, cz i was concentrating in mrr2 i think is fast d..samo not much of straight road..but there was a mercedez SLK even faster...u wink ur eyes once, it is already behind me...and den the next second it is already WAYYY in front of me...i noticed that white SLK while in the jam (easy to be noticed rite 2 doors super car) the passenger was a lady leh...quite pretty samo hahaha! wonder if they are couples or husband & wife..but i think most probably they're couples la..wonder the gal likes him or his money lol!! anyhow, i wana buy that kind of car too!i mean i'm so gonna buy it!! ^^

wah i notice i used "xD" once in this post..kind of record for me haha!pray for my screwed-up coursework T.T

p/s shall i flip a coin? >.<"

Oct 31, 2010

when i see that something, i teringat of was like, immediately when i see that word, you came out of no where into my mind..
man like this cannot leh..jz feel like it will be unfair for the future her >.<
recently heard this song from one fm, it's an old song from lee hom but i like very much since i heard in mayb around form 1? forget d but then i know it is quite old song hehe..
"如果你 在寂寞的时刻, 却听见我这首歌,你眼眶是否会发热~
如果你 在快乐的时刻,却听见我这首歌,你心里是否会有一点 舍不得~"
if I am the 你 in the lyrics, my answer will be yes and yes hahahahaha!

Oct 24, 2010


Do guys face something like PMS as well? i was not having a good mood the whole day even until nowwww sigh!! T.T
one fren asked isit due to stress, emo, or missing be frank, i think emo and stress stand quite some more tiny portion is due to missing somebody gua..but i dono whether am i missing her anot...自己也搞不清楚。。但我承认我是一个做决定时犹豫不决的人。。。。是一个坏处!!也许是贪心吧,就连order食物时我也想多叫几样 >.< 算了吧你林彬森哈哈!

Sep 23, 2010

stal*ing job

This pic is taken from FB haha! have to give credit or footnote or reference if not my marks will be deducted lol! so introducing the guy on the left, he friend...and the girl on the right is....his girlfren hahahahah!!

Sep 21, 2010

I wonder why but...i always have weird dreams...too much stress perhaps? but again i wonder where does the stress come from since im having holidays now lol...over-excited perhaps =X

Lazy to describe the dream d but the part i liked the most was..i saw a leng lui there wakkakaka! almost perfect face and she smiled to me omg! could u believe that? LOL!

Just came back from "no-man's island" yesterday...not much of activities there but can be considered a small gathering hehe^^
besides that i got to see shu pin's girl fren in real last week when we went to time square haha!
u feel happy from the bottom of ur heart when u see ur close buddy found his love! =]

If i were given the choice, i would surely choose to swap position with my younger bro..even tho that means i've to resit my pmr and spm hahahahah!just some random thoughts xP

...and i wonder if I ever cross your mind~
seriously, i wonder..

Sep 7, 2010

Sometimes, life is just so fullll of seems like something just has to be in between you and wat you wana get...watever it might be..anyhow, i think He had created this world so perfectly that every happening has it purpose to doesn't happen just for fun! bearing this in mind, i try my best to figure out wat's the purpose that the Lord allow anything that fall upon me..
In the end, it'll just make us a better person..there's a chinese proverb that goes "天将降大任于斯人也,必先苦其心志,劳其筋骨,饿其体肤” and i think this proverb is so correct...cuz nothing comes in free without any effort from us...

I'll always remember this -- We are in the process of dying once we are born, the only thing that differentiate us is how do we make this process as remarkable as possible =]

Jul 16, 2010

Cristiano Ronaldo: God sent me here to teach people how to play football.

Lionel Messi: I didn't send anyone.

Jul 15, 2010

New ManUtd kit 2010-2011

think they'll win the league due to over-laughing when their oppponents sees this

Barcelona secures £125m loan

What's happening to football these days I wonder...

First you have a FLOP that's worth 80m pounds...yep...he's a flop...look at Madrid. But boy, he sure did score the cheekiest goal in this world cup.

Then THIS...Barca taking out a 125m pounds loan deal because of cash-flow problems. They seems to have a hard time paying players and their staff.

THEN WHY THE HELL THEY BOUGHT IBRAHIMOVIC FOR 40m + SAMMY ETO'O (20m according Barca) + HLEB LOAN DEAL (Hleb easily worth 10+ m) = 60m (I didn't add Hleb cuz it's a loan deal)

I just don't understand. And I think Eto'o was worth 40+ m. 20m is simply unjustifiable. I know, I know..Barca wanted to get rid of him so desperately...but that doesn't mean he's valued at 20m!?? And he was the key to Barca's victory in both their Champions League final. If it ain't him, Barca may not win em'. And what was Ibrahimovic against Inter Milan over the two legs? He looked like an overpriced Berbatov (go find replays if you don't believe).

Perhaps if they didn't acquire an AGEING Ibrahimovic's services and EVEN sold Eto'o (in his prime) for 1m (which is outrageous...even any football club manager that has a grudge on Eto'o will be more than thankful to want him by their side) they can save that 60m they paid Inter (Jose must be laughing maniacally when the deal went through) and have the decency to pay Iniesta and co. (Spain is practically made of Barcelona's men) and Messi too ( crying...there's still Brazil 2014) and Guardiola.

Although there's no proof, but I suspect there was some kind of conspiracy in buying an ageing and lazy ( make statements like "Tevez is a terrific worker, his work rate is second to none." an understatement). I suppose some fellows behind that FISHY transfer must've pocketed a few quid themselves out of that deal.

Barca going bankrupt is the last thing I want to see. Cuz Barca is playing beautiful football at the moment..unlike Holland..overturn their tradition..even Johan Cryuff said they stink.

Jul 12, 2010

rightly so

beautiful football / total football / free-flowing football / sexy football / joga bonito / barca style / "arsenal failed miserably to mimic barca" style / call it whatever you like

anti-football / catenaccio / defend, defend, defend, AND you-know-what already, then counter-attack
FAILED MISERABLY (which I'm so happy now)

Just you wait Mr. Mourinho, this WC final is just a preview, comes El Clasico there'll be no more lucky (Yaya Toure didn't hand the ball) Inter Milan break for you.
no Paul it's not because of you..they're simply the best team on the planet at the moment

May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers' Day! =)

ok i know i've been slacking again these days hehe........

anyway just wana wish every MAMAs i know a Happy mothers' day! yea i know being a mama isn't that easy afterall...though i will never understand how does pain does it feel to be giving birth to a child xD but just seeing and imagining it will make me sweat already..really..i mean, the real sweat which hangs on your temple...

I once saw a clip on how doctor and nurses help a mother give birth by cutting open the mama's stomach to get the me, if u ever see how the blood flows out and watever intestine-like organ etc, u really will love ur mama more T.T

As for my mum, i think she really suffered cz she gave birth to one two three of us LOL!
my LOL means Lots of Love! =3 hmmm, don wish to say much but one thing for sure....LOVE UR MAMA AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!
although sometimes they might be so-called unreasonable but watever they do, they are just trying to make us into a better person so reply them with =) always! hehe!

Mar 29, 2010


i very bu shuang with the again cz title oso cannot put my preferred text colour walau!!haha! nvm at least i manage to 发泄 it out hmmph!

Okay today Winnie, who is the manager in charge of us, inform us through e mail that she'll be coming over to monitor our progress so far. In the 'late morning' she was supposed to come but she did not turn up even until late afternoon haha! xD
So, we assumed she won't be visiting us by today and we were planning to leave the client's place i.e. Muamalatt bank earlier, which is b4 5.30 since there was not anymore cheques for us to vouch. So me, soon kit and miow packed our things..and down we go to the ground floor. Opened my tie in the lift and suddenly we saw winnie at the entrance!lol! Miow was the 1st one to saw her as me and vincent were talking to him and i tell u..his expression was so damn f-up wakakakak!
Exactly the expression of a guy who were caught stepping on 2 boats at the same time aka 偷腥 ! lol! just my imagination la >.<"

And the 1st thing i heard from Winnie when she saw 3 of us was :"Horrrr, got cha!" just like the programme and the DJs in the dono wat FM ... mayb she always listen to that radio station haha! (again just my imagination XP) i know wat FM d!!! Hitz FM rite rite?!! lol! Morning Crew samo! i was trying to think wat fm is that le haha!
so the ending was she din marah us or wat..hehe..just ask us to tell her briefly about our work done so far... so nice of our manager rite :D

Now back to last disheng's house.(don simply imagine ya u guys and girls)
Swt not fun d la the main cast go bocor his answer himself! Ya mr heng did not turn up for the "sing-K-room-warming-session" wat a nice and special event name! (again, just my imaginationxD)

Looks like i really can become predictor wat mr heng suggested, football predictor? ok let's practice now 1st...i predict arsenal will win the EPL title this season hehe!
For those of u who got the answer right on the question regarding mr heng's attendance, nice job done..keep up your good work and continue practicing ur gifted ability to predict the future! u can start now by trying to predict which team would win the EPL title lol!
Anyway, for those of you who didn't get the answer correctly, it's ok to fail once in a while because i believe those who got it right was just lucky HAHAHA!!OH MY HOLY WAT ARE U TYPING BIIANG?!?!??!LOL!!

By the way, disheng's sing K room was very nice le...and so nice of him to let shu pin and i to storm his house..TQ very much partner!! :D hope it was first of the many to come haha xD
We had PK competition but it was among 3 ppl only -.-" the judge din know wat comment to give and as a result, I, as the host cum participant, had to step up and announced to both of them aka the participants cum the judge cum the audience that this stupid judge cum participant will not be seen anymore in next season's 超级星光PK大奖赛!哈哈哈!and as expected, when the audience cum participant heard this special but long awaited announcement, he clapped and cheered in delight!

Shu Pin
More than one

Think dat's all for today hehe...wana have a record breaking streak of updating my blog as often as possible haha!
p/s I think i have good imaginations lol!

Mar 28, 2010

哇老喂!! the post below is a failure la haha! see what the blog did to our love mr hisham!???!? mch mcb lol!!!!!! sry sry T.T but still, this cannot prevent me from introducing our lovely mr hisham! haha! (gambateh la next time tink of better ways xP)

hehe...sry have to twist ur head to see the pics xD
ok gtg bye if not sure late d bye!

yaya sure very shuang! :P

OOOMMMMGGGG wat is happening to blogspot y i cannot upload the pictures!! but nvm i too smart d la this just cant prevent me from introducing mr hisammmmm-udin to u guys and girls lol!
SO, introducing mrrrrr HISHAM!! haha!

eh eh i forgot wat i wanted to write d T.T just now i tot of something le..blame this slow responding photo uploading system! xD

Btw, will be going to mr loo's house with shu pin later! according to shu pin, yee hoo cant go, and from song's response, i think he oso not going!hehe.......we'll know whether i'm a good predictor few hours later wakakakkakakak!

will try to post pictures more often cz i think pictures tell the story =)

Mar 27, 2010

100000000000000000000th POST!!

wow the Os just did not want to stop appearing themselves when i was typing the haiya nvm la let them tell the truth once in a while! :P

Went to my classmate's birthday celebration in sg wang 2 weeks ago (to celebrate the blog's 100th post together)..happy belated birthday chiew li! =) Disheng went along as she was also his classmate haha >.<" but suprisingly, i tot khye tjiet would go leh that day...mana tau according to chiew li, he fell sick..luckily mr loo went with me and songher, if not only both of us guys there like weird weird le haha!

Then on next monday, kah ern suddenly ask me wan go dinner anot..but not 1 on 1 la instead with ken, alex, eunice and least got to know one new fren and what's-going-on of others' who went haha! always ask me out when u knew that u gonna feel left out hor..very smart ho :P

i find uploading pictures is one of the MAIN reason y i cannot update blog frequently
Whenever i think of uploading some pics, i tend to finish doing other stuffs 1st because there's a perception or perhaps thats the truth that it takes time to uploooooad pictures...

But too bad - for me, blogging is about updating readers on what u are up to recently etc. etc and this means pictures are, if not a must, a very important part of it. Tooooo bad la haha until i can find a way to upload pictures easily. So for the moment, i'll curi pictures around xD (turning around corners and corners to conceal my crime xD)

next up is the internship....!! lol! dono how to describe it..anyhow, one of our "teammate" has fallen due to the level of bored-ness of the work which had reached its saturated level and...he quited the job haha!
actually he did not quit la..just that he did not extend the intership for another month...but it's like one teammate down for us who still will be working there. So, introducing MR. HISAMMMMMMMM- uddin xD

i dono why the pictures cannot be uploaded..haihz..nvm..will try to do it sometime later hehe...or if i can find the pic from other "sources" haha! xD

ok that's all for today...took me half an hour to figure out how to transfer the pics from my hp to com via blue tooth, and it ended up the picture is not upload wtf is this not fair man!!

Mar 12, 2010

hehe spiderman is making his return wakakak!!
this is not like spiderman in the movie so fake version of spiderman aka me is very the real haha!

hmmm...言一言 一些尽在不言中的事吧。。 =)

We'll start with 2010 since i stopped at new year day rite ;P
new yr eve was nothing special if i'm not mistaken hehe...
then came my final semester exam which ended around end of Jan...something sad happened during the last paper and i feel really not worth it for that friend of mine...even until now, whenever i think about that, there will still be at least that bit of sadness...SIGH!

One week after the exam came my INTERNSHIP T.T
i felt it was damn taxing on the first few days but anyhow managed to survive through the pressure..and after one month of following seniors here and there and doing the little bit of audit work, 4 other interns and i were summoned for the real purpose we were hired for -__-"

the first place i was assigned to

affinbank_sign up gift mug
third place where i spent around 1 and a half week?

For me, currently it is the fourth place throughout the internship but i hope this will not be the last place for some reason hahaha!
It is a 'special' project and our job until today, until this minute when i'm writing this is still the same as what we were taught of on the first day itself..
Our manager could leave us interns there for one week without coming over. Can roughly imagine how is the work d? xD
anyway i am more convinced of things which i aren't sure before this =)

p/s the pictures above were taken from my friend's credit given to u mr vincent choooooow soooooon kitttttttt!

Frankly, i looked forward to this year's CNY very much...dono y...可能是年纪大了吧。。xD
但是这次过年,我发现我比较注意周围身边的人,比较要了解及和他们谈天。也会想要回去看看外公外婆,看看婆婆,看看叔叔的个可爱三兄弟还是不是那么听话。。就连我那些从小玩到大,一年最少见3~5次的表姐们, 我都不舍得了!

By the way, exam result was released last monday..hehe..feel lucky to have maintained my cgpa so that i'd be eligible for advanced dip's scholarship. now i realised studying is much more better than working haha~

u know..sometimes, knowing that u are doing well out there, i feel happy for u..我会在心里默默地说:“加油,陈欣仪!”
Hmm..this is the blog's 99 post!! haha! not bad huh...din expect that it would take me (and partner) almost 2 years to reach the 100-post milestone lol..wonder whether this can enter into Book of record??haha!

Was struggling to decide whether to extend the internship for another month since the project started late and therefore will of cuz end late. So at last, I.....

p/s : finish the sentence or perhaps try guessing?? xD
To be continue! =]